Monday, August 1, 2016

On Jealousy

The other day, I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and a friend had posted an amazing video featuring Chelsea Handler. (Check the video out here!) I highly recommend checking it out, as it had a truly terrific message. For those of you who aren't going to watch it, a quick synopsis is that Chelsea speaks about jealousy, and how each and every one of us may be affected by it at times and how to deal with it. Ultimately, she states that jealousy is a normal feeling, but it doesn't have to be a bad thing. It is all in how you react to jealousy that can make it a bad thing. Two quotes I took away from the video are "I never blow out someone else's candle to make mine brighter" and that "what you have, no one else has."

This video came at a perfect time for me. Three years ago today, I was boarding a flight and moving to Sweden with my husband for a new adventure. Same thing two years ago. For hockey players who play in Europe and their families, the end of July and early August is the time of setting off on a new adventure, often heading to a new country with a new team. Throughout the season, they will have the opportunity to live in another country, experience a new lifestyle, and travel the world. Am I jealous of some of my friends that are going back? Yes, absolutely. Beyond just these people, there are many other people I could be jealous of for various reasons and things occurring in their lives. Some people have highly successful careers, some are at an exciting point in their life where they are planning their weddings, some are busy traveling the world, some are starting their own families and having children, some are buying houses or going on vacations, the list could go on and on. I feel like each and every single one of my friends and family members are doing exciting things right this very moment, and I could choose to be jealous of all of them and let that control me. Or, I could choose to be happy for them.

However, it is important to remember the message from this video. I'm sure anyone reading this can relate to feelings of jealousy. We can simply choose to focus on the positive things in our lives and recognize that each person's situation is different. Some of the amazing things happening in my life right now include purchasing a new home, starting a new job, and surrounding myself with friends and family who support me.

The quote of "I never blow out someone else's candle to make mine brighter" is perfect. If a friend has something awesome happen to them, I choose to be happy and celebrate with them. Because, again, "what you have no one else has." Each and every one of us has many different successes and things that we bring to the table that nobody else does, and that is what makes each situation unique. So, on this Monday and the first of the month, I encourage you to take this message with you and begin the month on a positive note!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Staycation at the Sheraton: A Review

For those of you who follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you know that I just returned home from an amazing staycation right here in Minneapolis. This staycation came at the perfect time, as I am well into my job search of finding the perfect position and company, and Nick and I will be moving in a few weeks (more on that later!). Nick and I stayed at The Sheraton in Bloomington, which was ideal because it was far enough from home (15 minutes) where it was a true vacation, and close enough that we didn't have to worry about any of the hassles of traveling! Without further ado, here is some more information on our weekend!

Relaxing in our amazing suite!
This amazing stay started before I even walked into the hotel. As Lily was joining us for the weekend, Nick parked the car and was waiting for me to check in. As I approached the front door, one of the valets gave me a huge smile and gave me a warm greeting, setting the tone for a weekend filled with impeccable customer service. And this was before I even walked in the door! Once I made it inside, the staff quickly greeted me, processed my check in, and sent me on my way wishing me a terrific stay. After checking in, I headed out to the car to grab Nick, Lily, and our bags, and it was off to the room we went!

As we made our way into the hotel, I began actually checking things out. I was immediately impressed, as this Sheraton did not look like any other Sheraton I had stayed in. I quickly learned that Sheraton is undergoing a massive rebrand, with every Sheraton location being remodeled by 2020. This specific location recently underwent a $15 million renovation, and is one of the flagship locations of which every other Sheraton will be modeled after. Needless to say, the renovations were stunning!

Couldn't get Lily to sit still for a second - she was so excited!
 As we entered our room, I was immediately impressed and surprised with how open and spacious it was. As a bonus, I discovered we were staying in a suite and had a separate room for lounging and relaxing, our bedroom, and one and a half bathrooms! Once I stepped inside the room, I immediately saw that the staff had taken care of Lily as well. Lily was all set up with bowls for food and water, two treats, a bag holder, and her very own bed! Previously when I have visited hotels with Lily, she has never received this level of service. I was very impressed with this, and it just added another element to the staycation! How nice to not have to worry about packing dog bowls and a dog bed, and to know that Lily will be taken care of!

Lela - so peaceful, and I loved the wine glass decorations!
My favorite part of any vacation is the first moment when you are able to sit down and enjoy a sip of your favorite cocktail. After dropping off Lily and our bags, Nick and I immediately headed to Lela for some happy hour and dinner. Lela is located adjacent to the Sheraton, and features a fantastic menu with steaks, pasta, and more; all created by one of Minneapolis' best chefs, Stewart Woodman. Nick and I started our evening off with a glass of wine apiece and an assortment of the happy hour menu.

Happy hour at Lela!
After enjoying a delicious meal, we decided to retire to our room in true staycation style and soak in the luxurious bathtub. Now, I don't know about you, but I love a good soak - especially when it is in a bathtub that could fit about five people! Because this staycation was all about relaxation, after a soak it was off to an early bedtime.

garden oasis right on the property
In the morning, Nick and I took Lily for a walk along the property. My favorite spot was a little garden oasis. While seated there, I certainly didn't feel like I was just minutes from downtown Minneapolis and the hustle and bustle of city life! Once our walk was completed, Nick and I headed off for a day of shopping at the Galleria (again, just minutes from the Sheraton).

On Saturday evening, we opted to take it easy again and simply relax in our room. Between work and moving, we wanted this weekend to be a true vacation with no stress or worries. As such, relaxing it was! This was our first true staycation, and it came at the absolute perfect time and place. Not only was the Sheraton a beautiful place to stay, but Nick, Lily and myself were pampered by the staff. Every detail at the hotel was thought of, from fresh flowers everywhere to complimentary newspapers and bright natural lighting. In addition, we had close proximity to anything we would want to do, and being able to grab a delicious bite to eat and drink right in the hotel was an added bonus. For anyone looking to take a staycation, I would highly recommend the Sheraton as your go-to!

Neither Lily nor I were ready to leave when it was time on Sunday morning!
drool-worthy treats to enjoy in our room!

**Disclosure: This review was facilitated thanks to Sheraton, Lela, and participating businesses at the Galleria. As always, this had no impact on my review and all opinions remain my own. **

Monday, July 11, 2016

How To Take Great Travel Pictures

Over the last year, I have learned a lot about how to take beautiful pictures while traveling. Of course, I'm certainly far from an expert - however, I have picked up a few tips and tricks to take better travel pictures. A lot of this has come from trial and error, but if you want to take stunning travel pictures these tips are sure to help you!

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1. Look for inspiration on social media sites such as Instagram! Personally, I love Instagram, and am always scrolling through both my feed and interesting profiles. Whenever I see a picture that seems unique and I enjoy, first I take a screenshot of that photo for future inspiration. After that, I also tend to go and scroll through that individual person's feed to further look for great photo ideas. Some of my best shots have come from looking at other people's travel pictures and later modifying them to fit myself!

taking better pictures while traveling
This picture was clearly meant to capture the business and popularity of the beach
2. Before visiting a destination, plan! Spend some time looking at exactly where you might want to take photos and the best times to do so. For example, some places may simply have terrible light at a specific time of day. Plan ahead when and where you will be visiting a place in order to give yourself the best lighting - and the best shot - of a location! Beyond the lighting, another thing to consider is other tourists and the image you want to portray. For example, I've seen beautiful pictures of beaches that are heavily populated with tourists and it appears that there is not a single inch of space that hasn't been claimed. These pictures portray the busyness and popularity of a beach. Conversely, there are also pictures of beaches in which there is not a soul on the entire stretch of the beach and gives off a serene feel. Pick what you want your picture to say and go for that!

3. Take lots, and LOTS, of pictures. Along with the previous sentiment, it is better to have one too many pictures than wish you had taken an extra photo. Most cameras and memory cards now seem to have nearly unlimited memory - so just snap away and give yourself tons of options!

My red cardigan contrasts very nicely and adds a nice pop of color to this picture
4. When possible, consider your outfit and how it can improve upon or benefit a photo. Does adding a pop of color add to the photograph or take away? Is the focus of the picture on yourself, or on the landscape? For example, in the above picture I specifically chose to wear my red cardigan with a tribal pattern because it would match well with the feel of the picture I was going for. In the below picture, I purchased the hat with the Norway flag in order to help communicate exactly where I was. Your choice of clothing can certainly contribute to a better (and hopefully not worse!) picture!

The Norwegian flag on my hat was planned!
great travel photos
Find a natural frame, such as the cactus, to lend focus to your pictures
5. Pay attention to your surroundings. This can help you to determine how your surroundings can fit into the picture and help you to take a better photo of your attraction. Is there a natural 'frame' you can use to draw the viewers attention to exactly what you want? Can you tilt your camera up or down in order to capture a more interesting view? In the above picture, I loved the look of the cliff and the ocean. However, that is a view that has been captured thousands - if not millions - of times around the world. By adding a natural frame of the cactus, I was able to make this picture even more special and interesting.

The Rule of Thirds in action
6. Use the rule of thirds. This is one of the most basic photography rules, and it is for a reason. Divide your frame both vertically and horizontally into thirds, and try place your subject along one of those lines. In this picture, you can see that the focus of the subject is myself, with a secondary focus of the pool, beach, and palm trees behind me. If you were to place a grid of thirds across the picture, my body is on the leftmost vertical third line, and then the divider between the pools and the back edge of the pools and chairs are the horizontal third lines.

I over edited this picture, which detracts from its natural beauty
7. Don't over edit your photos. I've been guilty of this in the past, and even have been tempted to delete many of my previous pictures shared on this blog and various social media sites. For example, see the above photo. This is a shot I captured while on a fjord tour in Norway, but by overediting the picture and adjusting the brightness too much, I lose a lot of detail in the clouds.With a basic understanding of quality photography, a person would be turned off simply because the clouds are TOO white and over processed. In my opinion, less is often more!

Using leading lines can help contribute to a better picture
8. Use leading lines to draw the viewer's attention. In the above picture, a viewer will naturally place themselves in the picture. Their attention is drawn to the lines of the boardwalk and where the boardwalk leads. This is an excellent tool to help suck a viewer in!

A calm, serene day on a private beach
A much less calm day
A picture I've taken recently that really demonstrates most of these points is seen above. I first saw a similar picture on Instagram, and showed it to Nick saying "Hey, I really liked this and want to take a similar one when we go to Miami next week!". I carefully selected ahead of time my outfit - this specific suit was perfect to have nice detail in the photo. Obviously, I knew exactly where the beach was but I wanted to find a less populated space so we strolled up and down the beach for a bit. When it was go time, Nick snapped about 20 different shots. Ultimately, as I was looking and deciding the feel I wanted, I went for the calm and serene look (no waves) versus a more turbulent feel with waves crashing at my feet. This simple decision totally changes the feel of the picture! I am in an identical pose, with the same clothing, looking in the same direction - but the one second difference between the waves just crashing down and the ocean receding changes the feel of the picture.

As you can see with all of the above pictures and tips, there are many ways you can set yourself up for success to take great pictures while traveling. Planning ahead, down to your outfit and the location, as well as basic photography rules such as the rule of third can contribute to more stunning pictures. So, are there any essential tips that I missed?!

Friday, June 10, 2016

(Not Quite) Sold on South Beach

For any of you following me on Instagram and Twitter (do it!!), you'll know I spent the last week in South Beach, Miami Florida. And it's been... Well, interesting to say the least. As a friend of mine put it perfectly when I described Miami to her, she said "Being in Miami is like being in a rap video!" Which completely hits the nail on the head with how I feel about Miami. Don't get me wrong, there are some beautiful aspects of Miami...

Enjoying the ocean in South Beach!
Case in point. Located in Southern Florida, Miami is home to many beautiful sand beaches and almost-Carribean style aquamarine blue beaches. On top of that, Miami is working to rebuild the natural dunes that typically line beaches - thus, there is always a gap between your hotel and the beach. This area is specifically dedicated to dune reconstruction, and in my opinion is probably one of the best things Miami has going for it.

Beyond the dune reconstruction, Miami does have the boardwalk. Portions of this (the cemented portions) are bike-friendly, while the physically boarded areas are not bike-friendly. It allows people to get around quite easily by bike or foot. There are conveniently located bikes for rental nearly every 2 or so blocks, and tons of different options for rentals. A bonus of one hotel we stayed at is that as long as hotel bikes were available, we could use those for free!

OK, so I touched on the beaches and biking the boardwalk. Beyond that, I'll be honest, Miami is quite...lackluster. It is overpriced, overcrowded, gratuity is included at almost every restaurant (meaning you receive awful service), and you can't walk more than five steps without the distinct smell of marijuana.

worst restaurant in South Beach
Pizza failure at i Paparazzi
First I want to talk about restaurants. Because real estate is so expensive in South Beach, it isn't a very easy area to navigate, just walk the street and pop into a restaurant you'd like to visit. No, you need a distinct plan and destination in mind or you will never find anything half decent. Trust me, I tried. See that pizza above? That was from the first time Nick and I decided to just stroll and find a place to eat. We went into the heart of South Beach, sat down, and ordered pepperoni pizza (me) and ceviche (him). Well, that is how my pepperoni pizza came out - about 60%ish covered in pepperoni, the other half not touched. Upon inquiring, the manager said "oh yeah, server thought it was only half pepperoni" ....OK, even if it was half pepperoni, you still failed at your job. On top of that, the pizza was only half-cooked and completely uncooked in the middle. Here I thought it wasn't possible to screw up a pizza - yep, I learned my lesson. Doesn't really ease my husband's mind about eating his RAW SEAFOOD from your restaurant, which clearly has a high level of attention to detail. (PS - the name of this restaurant is I Paparazzi if you want to avoid it, I'd recommend that!)

The next failed restaurant experiment was when I strolled solo down the strip, found a cozy little spot with happy hour, and proceeded to order a beer and some food. I drank half my beer, and then notice there are little "flakes" at the bottom of my glass. After confirming they were definitely IN my glass, not on the outside, I asked the bartender if I could get a new glass and explained why. He (kindly) proceeded to grab a supposedly clean glass, pour my beer, and hand it to me. This time, I immediately saw flakes flying around in my beer. Yuck!

enjoying a glass of wine at One Rooftop!
Overall, Miami certainly had some positive aspects. The beach and boardwalk is beautiful. Unfortunately, beyond that, I just did not feel Miami was an easy city to navigate, restaurants had poor service, and the constant feeling of being in a rap video was just not a pleasant feeling. So, with that being said - yes, I will likely be writing about Miami in the future. However, it won't all be sunshine and rainbows, but that is perfectly OK. Sometimes travel isn't about the sunshine and rainbows - it is all about the experience, and not every experience is good!

Another trip in the books with my love!

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Currently // A Life Catch Up!

There has definitely been a period of radio silence around here lately. Don't worry, it is well deserved, and I'm back now! This is a quick catch-up of life lately and what I have been up to!

Celebrating completing my MBA in International Marketing with a 4.0! That's right - I am officially all done with school! After moving back up to Minneapolis, I took some time off work and tripled my course load with school in order to speed up the completion of my MBA. I was slightly worried about how I would be able to handle the course load, but I had plenty of motivation and was able to push through the last ten weeks of school, receiving A's in each of my last three courses and graduating with a 4.0 overall!

Getting prepped for a big couple weeks of travel: Now that school is over, I decided to take a few weeks off and enjoy some free time, especially in the summer. Along with free time comes a few trips! I have Las Vegas and Miami coming up in the next couple weeks, and am so excited to visit both again!'

Enjoying life in Minneapolis with weekly visits to the farmers market. One of my favorite parts about Minneapolis is the farmers market, located just a few blocks from our condo. This past weekend, Nick and I ventured down there, strolled around for a few hours, and even decided to take our chances and test out our green thumbs. Thats right, we bought a real live plant. This may not seem like a big deal to many, but in the summer months our patio literally becomes the desert - at any point in time, it is a solid 15-20 degrees warmer than anywhere else in the city, and receives constant hot heat from the afternoon and evening sun. We'll see how long this plant lasts!

Working on some new blog posts! I feel like it has been forever - and truthfully, it has been about six weeks - since I've blogged! I constantly have new ideas for posts, and have still not fully caught up on the last few trips to Mexico and Thailand. Between that, and several upcoming trips, I have tons of content that I can't wait to get out there!

Modist brewing Minneapolis
Enjoying a cold one at Modist Brewing Co!
Exploring all of the awesome new breweries in Minneapolis. One of my favorite parts about Minneapolis is how it seems like every week, there is a new brewery opening. Within a five minute walk from my house are at least three (that I know of!) breweries, and within a five minute drive or bike ride are countless more. I haven't been to that many yet, but I'm working on expanding my knowledge of them!

A cool pic from a cloudy run!
Running. Every winter, I go through a phase where due to the weather, I quit running. Every spring, I start running again and declare that next winter I won't do the same thing. Who knows, perhaps I just need a break - but in any case, I've gotten back into running and loving it! I've got a great little route that I do right in downtown Minneapolis which takes me across the Stone Arch Bridge and through Saint Anthony Main (two of the best neighborhoods of Minneapolis!). The only problem with running this route is that often it is too pretty to keep running - I just want to start snapping pictures!

Working on finding my dream job. I have a ton of varied interests - marketing, social media, travel/tourism, restaurants, hospitality, branding, customer service, relationship building - so I'm really trying to find the perfect opportunity! I have taken a little time to enjoy the completion of my MBA, and now I'm ready to really go out and hit the job market. Can't wait to see what I find and put my education & previous experience to use!

Planning a (potential!) trip to Iceland for New Years Eve! A few weeks (months?) ago, Nick mentioned that he thought heading to Iceland for this next NYE would be a blast. Since then, we have talked to a few other couples who might be in for joining us - now that I am done with school, I will finally have time to put together some information and see if it is feasible! I feel like it might be fate, especially as about a year and a half ago I featured Iceland for a NYE celebration!

is this not the best shirt ever?!
Drinking lots of champagne! With the completion of my MBA and subsequent purchase of the above shirt, how could I not be? But seriously.

In any case, this was a great catch up post of the last six weeks of my life! I really don't have much else to tell beyond school work - but luckily, that is done now. I can't wait to catch up on some blog posts, write some new content, continue running, get a job, and then take a couple of amazing trips! What have you been up to lately? And if anybody has Iceland tips, you know I'd love to hear them!!
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