Monday, June 24, 2013

It's Official: Moving to Europe!

moving to Europe for hockey

Today is the day it really happened. Over the weekend, Nicholas had signed with Karlskrona Hockey Klub in Karlskrona, Sweden to play another year of hockey in the Allsvenskan league. The news was released today, and we both gave notice to our jobs that we were moving to Europe. This had been in the works over the past month or so- talking with teams, negotiating, and figuring out the logistics of if this would work for us. Would we still be able to have our wedding on September 14 was a big concern. KHK was very accommodating, and is allowing Nick to fly home for the wedding. 
It will be a big month ahead- we fly out August 1. Before that, there are many things we both must do. For me, this was giving my notice, continuing to work that out, getting LASIK surgery done, cleaning, packing, and preparing as many of the wedding details as possible- and somewhere in there my bachelorette party! There are a lot of preparations before Nick and I will be ready to move over to Europe for the hockey season.
We are both excited for the upcoming year. Living in Sweden, and for me getting to see Nick play hockey, which has been such a big part of both of our lives, is going to be a great opportunity. A fabulous way to spend our first year of marriage- in another country, completely reliant on each other. We are excited for the adventures ahead as we move to Europe together!
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