Saturday, August 2, 2014

Arrived in Västerås!

Good evening! After a long day traveling, we have arrived safely in Västerås! We started our travels at Minneapolis airport, and headed to New York for our connection to Stockholm. Of course, we had several delays while heading to New York but fortunately made our connection. After Nick and I's most recent flights to Thailand, the 8 hours to Stockholm from New York felt like nothing!

flight to Sweden
Nick, myself, and two of the other Americans on the team
first time seeing NYC
My first ever view of NYC in the background and the Statue of Liberty!

Västerås Nick Angell
Made it to ABB Arena in Västerås!
Previous to our travels, I had been excited to get the year going and begin the season, but still sad to be leaving home- with my family and friends there. When we landed in Stockholm and walked off the plane, I was surprised by how I felt. However, upon leaving the plane, I felt completely at ease and happy- truly, like I was returning home. I suppose this is because while home in Minneapolis for the summer, Nick and I have been busy; yet it seemed as if our life was on hold waiting for the season to start, waiting to see our new apartment, waiting to meet the new team and girls, just waiting for things to happen. So finally arriving in Stockholm, driving to Västerås, and getting things going felt just right, and exactly as things were meant to be. What a different feeling from my arrival and culture shock last year!

Once we arrived to Västerås, our first stop was the hockey rink to drop off the hockey equipment and sticks, as well as pick up our car. From there, we took a quick trip to our apartment, unloaded everything, and then headed to do some light grocery shopping and errands, as well as helping our friends settle in. This was all accomplished relatively quickly, and then Nick headed to the rink for a light workout while I was able to completely clean and unpack everything. Finally, our year is beginning! We have a cute little apartment just a few blocks from the centrum and from the river, which should be great for me for running! After our afternoons, Nick and I took a walk into Västerås centrum to check the city out before relaxing for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day, as the team will get together for the first time for the ice premier and a little scrimmage. 

Västerås apartment
The great view across the river from our living room!
checking out the city already!

We are so happy to be back in Sweden and excited for the upcoming year! A big thanks to our friends and family in Minneapolis for a wonderful summer, and also thank you to everyone in Västerås who has been so kind already! We can't wait for a terrific season!

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