Friday, August 15, 2014

Medieval Festival in Arboga, Sweden

Last weekend, Nick and I headed out to Arboga, Sweden for the day to check out the medieval festival (medeltidsdagar). The very first European hockey team Nick played for was Arboga, so it was fun to head to and check out the city where he spent his first year! Upon arriving, we got fairly lucky and found a parking spot right away near the hockey rink. From there, it was off to see medeltidsfest and visit with some of Nick's friends from previous years.

Nick Angell Arboga, Sweden
looking back on his early days!
crew race in Arboga, Sweden
One of the activities going on for the Medieval Festival was a crew (rowing) competition. We checked out a couple of the races with an old friend of Nick's. After the race, we headed back towards the centrum for more of the day's activities.

walking towards the centrum
I got to pet the pretty horse!

Puppet show at Medeltidsdagar
Puppet show
In one area of the city, they had several booths selling medieval-themed items, as well as an area to pet horses and watch the live puppet show.

traditional Medieval dance & dress

During our time at the Medieval Festival, we were able to see several traditional Medieval dances; as well as tons of people dressed up in traditional garb. If I had known about this previously, I for sure would have dressed up! One of my favorite parts about going to different events like this throughout the world is getting into it and embracing the customs. I will say, the most interesting outfit I saw was on a 5-year-old boy: traditional medieval dress and a flat-brimmed NY Yankees hat. Quite an interesting combo!

Medeltids Fest was a great way to spend the day, and I enjoyed checking out the city of Arboga. Have you ever been to a medieval-themed event?


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