Sunday, October 12, 2014

Family Visit!

Well, it has certainly been a couple of crazy weeks around here! Today, I woke up bright and early- let's just say not even a rooster would have beaten me up- to drop my family off at the airport. I was fortunate enough to have my Mom, brother, and aunt make the trip over to Europe to come visit me! Our trip was jam-packed with action, smiles, and laughter. Today I have time for just a brief overview before catching up finally on some homework, cleaning, and other chores- I may or may not have completely avoided real life for the past two weeks- with much more information about our travels in future posts!

Oktoberfest Munich 2014
family at Oktoberfest in Munich!
First, we were off to Munich for Oktoberfest! My brother and I attended Oktoberfest last year with a couple of friends, and made it a priority to make it back this year. Once we started planning the trip, my Mom and aunt decided to join, purchasing their dirndls and we were off! As always, Munich as an absolute blast. Beyond enjoying Oktoberfest, we were able to stroll around the city, catching a farmers market, churches, and other sights, as well as making a day trip to Füssen to check out the castles! 

showing my family Västerås!
After Oktoberfest, it was off to Västerås for a few days to show my family where Nick and I are living and to check out a hockey game! We spent a few relaxing days here in town before taking off on our next adventure to Bergen, Norway!

In Flåm, Norway before checking out the fjords!
We headed to Bergen, Norway to spend a few days hiking about the town and taking a tour of the fjords. Our time in Norway was breathtaking, especially as we had perfect weather while we were there! For a town that rains around 300 days a year, the fact that we had two sunny days was a miracle. We spent our first sunny day hiking around the town, then headed for the fjord tour on our second day. Our last full day in Bergen was a little rainy, but we made the most of it nonetheless and continued to explore the town!

Following Bergen, it was back home to Västerås for another relaxing day and a half before checking out Stockholm for my family's last day in Sweden and Europe. I truthfully cannot describe how amazing it is to have had my family be able to come and visit me both last year and this year. It is wonderful to show people we know our new home and where we are living. Stay tuned over the next several weeks for many more posts about our travels! What do you want to know about first?

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