Wednesday, November 12, 2014

A Happy Heart

Karlskrona, Sweden
the street Nick and I lived on last year!
It is with a very happy heart that I have returned home to Västerås. I spent the past several days down in Karlskrona, catching up with old friends and watching the VIK-KHK game. After several months away from our old home, it was so nice for both Nick and I to return to Karlskrona. After all, it was our first home as a married couple, and remains a place we hold near and dear.

fresh chocolate chip cookies
my friend with the cookie dough!
I spent most of my time in Karlskrona with one of my good girlfriends from last year. It was so great to hang out with her and spend some time catching up on the last few months. We spent our time hanging out, chatting, and making chocolate chip cookies! In addition to hanging out with her, I was able to grab coffee with several of my other girlfriends from last year and reconnect with them.

kyckling kebabtallrik
Last year, I was introduced to a kyckling kebabtallrik - or chicken kebab plate, as directly translated. Any time Nick had an away game, it was straight to Michel's for one of these, and have I ever missed them over the last few months!

Another one of my stops while in Karlskrona was at Athena's Palace, a Greek restaurant. We frequently had lunch here, and this chicken skewer was by far one of my favorite meals in Karlskrona!

VIK-KHK game- VIK with the win!
Lastly, of course I watched the VIK-KHK game! It was terrific to be back at the rink from last year, and made even better when VIK was able to walk away with a win and three points. I was very happy to see and catch up with many of my friends and teammates from last year.

Over all, as I was leaving Karlskrona today to come home to VIK feeling very content. Visiting my old home from last year, catching up with friends and teammates, and just enjoying a pleasant few days made for a very happy heart. I already can't wait for the next time I am able to visit Karlskrona!

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