Monday, November 16, 2015

Hiking & An Afternoon Picnic in CDA

A piece of my heart is in CDA!
I never thought that visiting Idaho would be at the top of my bucket list, but I am so glad it was a trip I made and I know I'll be returning! By now, it has been a few months since Nick and I visited Coeur D'Alene, Idaho. The trip overall was so great, but my absolute favorite activity while staying in CDA was hiking Tubb's Hill. Of course, there are so many other great things to do- think kayaking, canoeing, and strolling the beautiful streets of the town. No matter the activity, hiking was my absolute favorite, and I've been so excited to share some beautiful pictures with you!

view from Tubb's Hill in Coeur D'Alene
I was able to go on several different hikes while visiting, and hiking Tubb's Hill was absolutely the best hike in Idaho! I hiked it at least once a day, each time with different routes...and each time determining that the current visit was better than the last! My first hike was just a quick solo hike for about 45 minutes while Nick got some work done- so I was just strolling looking for future opportunities. Tuesday, Nick and I went on a beautiful hike and had a picnic in the middle of the woods. Wednesday, I had around two hours by myself and barely made it halfway through the hike, there were so many great photo opportunities! Let's take a look at all of the beautiful sights hiking in CDA has...

checking out the scenery while on a solo hike
Saw some turkeys while hiking up the hill!

Nick and I had decided that the perfect afternoon for our anniversary would be hiking up Tubb's hill and stopping for a picnic along the way. Once we got tired of hiking, we paused to take a break and have some snacks! Of course, I had packed some champagne...

Because really, what anniversary is really an anniversary without some celebratory champagne? After our picnic, it was time to keep moving along the trail.

"The Kick" inspired by Fredrik Eklund
At the top of Tubb's Hill, I wanted to take a break from hiking and attempt "The Kick". For those of you who haven't seen Fredrik Eklund on Million Dollar Listing, you might not know what I'm talking about. Long story short, Fredrik Eklund is a Swedish entrepreneur who moved to the U.S., began a real estate business, and since then is one of the most successful real estate salesmen in the world. He wrote an incredible book, "The Sell", that I highly recommend to everybody and anybody! Eklund is also famous for his high kick, which I had to try duplicate.

After about a million high kick attempts and fails, I was quite warm so stripped off my sweater and was shaking my hair out when Nick snapped the above picture... #HairGoals!

playing while hiking in CDA!
Looking out over Lake Coeur D'Alene

As with many travel opportunities in life, the pictures here really don't do Coeur D'Alene justice. My best advice would be to book a trip for yourself so you can see the beauty live in person!


  1. This is absolutely gorgeous! Idaho has never been on my travel bucket list, but clearly it should be!


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