Friday, January 8, 2016

City of Lights: Bentleyville, USA

I'm slightly late to the game on this, but Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a terrific end to your 2015 and that 2016 has started off smoothly for you. Personally, I couldn't have asked for a much better end to 2015! Nick and I spent some time visiting with family over Christmas, then headed to Duluth Minnesota (northern Minnesota, for those of you unfamiliar!) to enjoy a friend's wedding. We had some time off before the wedding, and were able to explore some of the best Duluth has to offer during the Christmas & winter season! A highlight of our time was most certainly Bentleyville, the largest (and free!!) walk through display of Christmas lights in the U.S.!

Duluth Winter Activities

Prior to stopping by Bentleyville, I had read about it online. However, I'll be honest - we just happened to be driving by, saw all of the lights from the freeway, and decided to stop and see what it all the lights were about! It wasn't until we were walking in to Bentleyville that I realized where we were, and I'm certainly glad that we made the stop. First off, Bentleyville is pretty easy to access- you can see it from any of the major highways in Duluth, and just have to take a quick exit and follow the lights (or, if you must, the road signs!) Second, Bentleyville is completely free and open to the public!
Duluth Christmas lights
entrance to Bentleyville!
Once we had parked our car and bundled up, it was time to head into Bentleyville. First, you are greeted by a stunning hallway of lights. It really feels like you are walking through a fairytale! Please, just take a minute and imagine strolling through a hallway of lights. Personally, this hallway led me directly back to Christmas Markets in Europe, and boy was I ever craving a good ol' glass of glühwein! Full disclosure: Bentleyville doesn't offer glühwein, or any alcoholic beverage, for sale.

Free cookies at Bentleyville? I'll take it!
Fortunately, I didn't have too long to sulk about not having glühwein, as I quickly discovered that Bentleyville offers free hot chocolate, cookies, and popcorn, among other treats, to visitors! With a cookie in one hand and a piping hot cup of hot chocolate in the other, I was set to continue exploring Bentleyville.

Around every corner, you will see great light displays. There are Santa displays, Reindeer, the Noel sign behind me in the above picture, and many more! Bentleyville is definitely a great attraction to visit while in Minnesota in the winter.

just another magnificent hallway of lights!
If you are ever around the Duluth area in the winter, Bentleyville is definitely the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit! Display after display of lights, and hallway after hallway makes you truly get into the holiday spirit.

Bentleyville Tree
Of course, one of the great highlights of Bentleyville is the tree! The entire town of Bentleyville is centered around this brilliant tree, featuring thousands and thousands of lights. From each and every angle, you are bound to get this great view!

I know anytime I am looking to get into the Christmas spirit, a trip to Bentleyville will certainly be happening. What is your best tip to get into the holiday spirit?


  1. What a pretty place! I love checking out beautiful Christmas lights wherever I am!

    1. I totally agree! When we had extra time in Duluth, I asked my husband to take me to see Christmas lights/displays - so happy that we stumbled upon this one!

  2. Sounds amazing! I can't believe that it's free! Why can't Christmas lights be up all year round?!

    1. I totally agree! I was shocked that it was free too - such an awesome exhibit!

  3. wow. Your photos are so bright and colorful, then it makes me remember the Christmas last year and waiting for the Christmas this year :X
    Thank you for sharing the beautiful moments


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