Sunday, February 7, 2016

Why Blogging Is The Best Job Ever

Yep, I said it. Sorry full-time career, but as of right now, 100% blogging is the best job ever. Don't understand why? Well, perhaps you haven't started a blog. If only you had a blog, you would agree with this statement. Just take a look at this list of the 9 reasons blogging is the best job ever, and you will be sold!

1. I can blog anywhere. So as I am typing this, when it is currently -15°F (that is -26°C for the rest of the world), I don't have to leave my house today. Yes, blogging does give me an excuse not to leave the house. At the same time, I can do it from anywhere - meaning some of the more exotic locations that I've been working in include Thailand, the Dominican Republic, and yes, flying over just about any ocean in the world. Pretty awesome that I can blog anywhere I would like!

2. There is no dress code. This takes it back to that -15° weather outside - since I don't have to leave my house, I'm currently bundled up in my one-piece pajamas, and on top of that I have my full length robe on. #NoJudging, please. Very rarely do I actually type up my blog posts while fully dressed and ready to take on the world.

3. I get to work on my writing skills. I'll be honest, I never considered myself to be a writer for the first 23 years of my life. Once I started blogging though, it was a whole different game. Now I love to share my stories in a creative way, and to write however I feel. This is certainly not ever going to be a place where you see academic writing taking place (I get plenty of that in my MBA courses - 3 months left, BTW!)

4. You learn a lot. I've learned a ton about photography, framing, creating your voice, traveling the world, random tidbits when I'm researching anything I write about, and then a little bit about web design, HTML, and SEO. Just about every single post I write, I am learning at least several new things, and I know that these are skills that will help me out in the future. So, not only is blogging an awesome job, but blogging will also help you to develop career skills!

Working away while in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!
5. I've networked and worked with companies and people from all over the world. Similar to being able to work from anywhere in the world, I've made successful partnerships with companies in Latvia, Sweden, Thailand, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and definitely right here in the U.S. How many people can say that they've worked with companies from around the world? Which brings me to my next point...

6. Blogging has, and will continue, to help me in my career path. I'll be honest, I don't have an exact idea of what I'll be doing 5, 10, and definitely not 15 years from now. Through blogging, I have a better idea of what I'd like to do- I'd like it to involve people, being in the tourism or travel industry would be ideal, and of course from my educational standpoint I love the marketing and customer service field. All of the skills that I've gained through blogging have helped me to receive various job offers, and I know that this blog will continue to help my career.

7. Blogging has kept a permanent record of my life, for myself and my family to look back on. Every once in awhile, I catch myself reading an old post of mine that I no longer even remember creating. It transports me to a different time in my life. Now, I'm fully aware that technically, for SEO (search engine optimization) purposes I should clean up my blog - but this is a part of my history now, and since my blog is for me and me only, it stays!

8. Through blogging, I've met 'friends' from all over the world. Everyone once in awhile in conversation, random destinations such as Poland or Iceland or Cambodia pops up, and I'm able to relate to the conversation and blurt out "oh! I have a friend that lives there!" Meeting all of these people has exposed me to so many different cultures and destinations - all of which I want to visit!

wine tasting while in Napa Valley! - all in a days work as a blogger!
9. The perks of being a blogger. I'm doing something I love - and it pays off! I started this blog several years ago simply to keep in touch with family and friends. Now, I've kept up with it because I love and truly enjoying doing it. More and more, I've begun accepting sponsored experiences and received payment for my work, and I'll be honest, a lot of my experiences are complimentary. Some might call these free perks, but I refuse to- I'm certainly working my tail off for them! Although, I can't lie, the money that I have been able to save by not paying for these experiences, or hotels, or upgrades, is quite nice!

For my fellow bloggers, what is the reason you love to blog?


  1. I love blogging for sooo many reasons...many of which you mentioned above! I love the community, the connections, the opportunity

  2. Couldn't agree more with this! Blogging is the best!


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