Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Currently // Springtime!

March is here, and with the beginning of this month have come a ton of changes around here! With that, it is time for a bit of a catch up post with what I am currently up to! Of course, I had this post all typed up and ready to publish yesterday morning - but a quick trip to the ER changed that plan! Without further ado, here is more information on that trip - and the rest of life lately!

Feeling grateful for our healthcare system and the amazing ER docs from yesterday. For the last week, I've felt the most sick I have in a LONG time. Given the timing of when I came home from Mexico, I was convinced I had Zika virus- but a trip to urgent care on Friday confirmed it wasn't Zika. After a weekend of not getting better, I went back to urgent care Monday afternoon and they promptly sent me to the ER for further examination. While my afternoon consisted of an IV with fluids, steroids, antibiotics, and pain meds, I was released in the evening to go home and (hopefully!) fight it off at home. All of the doctors, PAs, and nurses in the ER were amazing and did a terrific job. Personally, I absolutely hate going to the doctor and have a HUGE fear of needles, so if I ever say that I need to go to the doctor, my hubby knows I'm really hurting. I had the best care today and am so grateful for the professionals that helped me out!

Studying like a crazy person! My last semester of grad school starts today (woohoo!) and I am taking three courses to finish it up. I thought I was busy when I was taking two, so we will see how this goes! Luckily each of the courses seem to be interesting (so far at least!) so hopefully this semester won't be as bad as it could be.

Playing lots of hockey! It's almost playoff time for the team I play on with my Dad, and they have had a few guys out lately so I've been able to sub in for several games. I've always said that playing hockey is the highlight of my week, and it is definitely still true!

Minneapolis is such a beautiful city!
Thrilled that we are back in Minneapolis! Nick and I officially made the move back a little over a week ago, but since then I've been essentially laid up in bed sick or just trying to get caught up with the move. I'm so excited to be back in Minneapolis and close to family and friends! It (rightfully so) feels like it has been years since I've lived in the city, so I am so excited to be back!

Enjoying wedding season! I've got several friends getting married this fall, and I am so excited for them! I am the Matron of Honor (gosh I'm old!) in my best friend's wedding, a bridesmaid in another wedding, and have several others to attend. Last weekend when we arrived in Minneapolis we hosted an engagement party for my best friend, and it was such a smashing success! It's always so nice to see people happy, in love, and to celebrate that!

Worrying about if I'll be able to keep up my grades. Thus far in my MBA I have received straight A's. Between taking three courses this semester, and having them be probably the three hardest courses in my program, I am a little nervous as of to whether I will be able to maintain straight A's or not! No matter what happens though, I am just excited for 10 weeks from now when I will be able to say I officially have my Masters Degree!

Appreciating my terrific husband. While I was dying sick with a 102 temp, he was really there for anything I needed- from running out to purchase a thermometer (can't believe we didn't own one!) to getting me specific flavors of Gatorade/Powerade, Popsicles, cleaning the condo, and not minding me sleeping for about 48 hours straight he was amazing. Then after that debacle it was urgent care Friday and Monday followed by the trip to the ER. He was right by my side, doing his best to make me feel better - or at least smile (laughing was painful!) - through it all. Thanks hun!

Wishing that being late for things didn't exist. People being late has always been one of my biggest pet peeves, and it still holds true today! Fortunately, I've learned to be prepared, and typically anywhere I go now I am armed with my iPhone, a notebook, and a pen. This way, even if people are late I am still able to get some work done and be productive.

Looking forward to planning our next vacation! I truthfully have no idea where Nick and I are off to next- and likely won't be able to plan anything until after I graduate- but I know the trip will be well deserved!

just over a year ago, we were living in Sweden!
In disbelief that it has been almost a full year since we left Sweden. When we left, we didn't know that we wouldn't be returning, so it was a big change when we ultimately decided not to head back over. Now, I can't believe how quickly the last year has gone!

Loving having some spring weather! Today has been a beautiful, sunny, 60° day here in Minneapolis. When I haven't been sleeping, I have thrown open the patio door and windows to get some fresh air in throughout the apartment. A big spring cleaning has been taking effect for the last week since arriving home, and I'm looking forward to eventually being done with cleaning and having everything be nice and organized!

And truthfully, that's a great summary of what I've been up to (and will be up to!) over the last/next few weeks. It has been a blur of moving, hosting the engagement party, being sick, and prepping for my last semester of grad school. Busy but amazing! What have you been up to lately? And fun plans coming up or exciting things going on in your life?

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  1. That would be so terrifying thinking your had Zika! Do they know what it was? Glad you're feeling better!


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