Friday, September 6, 2013

Home in Minnesota

After a few long days of traveling, I finally made it home to Minnesota! Wow, is it ever great to be home. The worst part of being home? Definitely the jet lag. Hoping that will subside over the next few days— other than that everything has been fabulous so far! Of course, getting crazy with the wedding planning. Meetings all over town, calling people to confirm responses, buying last minute items— wow does the list ever go on!
With that being said, I apologize in advance for the lack of posting! I’ll get more engagement pictures up at some point, and then in just 10 days Nicholas and I will be back home in Karlskrona! 
It’s strange how much the definition of home changes. Right now, I truly feel I have several homes. Karlskrona is now home as well- thats where I live, Nicholas is there, we are building a life together there. At the same time though, this trip back to Minnesota has made me realize that in my heart of hearts Minnesota will always be home. I can’t wait until Nicholas joins me here at home for the wedding!

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