Saturday, November 30, 2013


For Thanksgiving this year, Nick and I were lucky enough to have 2 friends visiting us from Minnesota. Everything about our Thanksgiving day was perfect- even the fact that it was held a day late! KHK had a big game (and win!) on Thursday, so we postponed our celebration until Friday. Thanksgiving this year was a mix of old friends and new. With representatives from the US, Sweden, France, Finland, and Denmark- I think made a good showing! We had all of the traditional Thanksgiving foods- turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, corn, apple pie, the whole nine yards. The only thing missing for me was homemade lefse! Perhaps next year we will add that to the list...

All in all, my first Thanksgiving away from home and without my family was a success. I was able to call and Skype with them, so it almost felt like I was there. Hosting all of our friends over for dinner was great as well. I even managed to get a picture of some of the group later in the evening! To me, Thanksgiving has always been about spending time with family and friends- and I was so thankful to do that this year!

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