Wednesday, November 20, 2013

To-Do Lists

I love to make to-do lists. You can ask just about anyone this about me- my friends (especially those who were around in college and for my wedding planning), my family, Nick. However, lately I have fallen off this boat- and boy does it ever mean things don’t get done! I am crazy enough about to-do lists where during a day, if I do something that isn’t on the list—I simply add it to the list and cross it off, all in one fell swoop.
As things haven’t been getting done lately, I’m going to make a public to-do list for myself over the next few days (hoping that with Nick gone, I can really get going!) 
  • Further research top 3 grad schools
  • Make list of questions to ask admissions counselors
  • Speak with admissions counselors
  • Begin applications for grad schools
  • Research honeymoon activities
  • Get caught up on Rosetta Stone
  • Stay caught up on Rosetta Stone
  • Start Christmas shopping
  • Transfer more blog content to new blog
  • Research a blog designer for new blog
I think I will leave my public to-do list at that! Of course, I will likely make one on paper so I can revise, edit, and actually cross things out— always my favorite part! Anyone else a to-do list lover? Anyone else have recommendations for my grad school search?

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