Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bubbetorp Christmas Market

Last Sunday, Nick and I went and attended my first Christmas Market ever- Bubbetorp, near Karlskrona, Sweden! Although I've never been to a Christmas Market before, Bubbetorp wasn't quite what I expected- especially after hearing Nick talk about these markets for the last two years and building them up! The day started off perfectly, with snow lightly falling and truly making the area beautiful. However, as the day went on, this snow turned to rain- and trust me, being outside in the cold, wet, soaking rain is not fun! Luckily for us, many of the attractions were inside various buildings (one of the things I was not expecting!)

As we walked along, there were TONS of opportunities for great photos! Bubbetorp is a very pretty area in the winter, with the snow falling everywhere, a few rolling hills, classic Swedish-style red buildings, and a cute little creek running through. One of the attractions I had heard about at Bubbetorp were the alpacas- apparently, some of them were even for sale! I really wanted to pet one, but after hearing that they aren't very nice and will sometimes bite you, and probably spit at you- I passed on my opportunity!

Right after the alpacas is when the rain really started coming down, so we ducked into the food tent. The highlight to me was definitely the "frosting-like" creations! You can see all of the different creations there were-- hippos, snakes, pigs, mushrooms, carrots, and unidentifiable elf creatures! As we checked out the food tent, Nick and I each had a glass of glögg- somewhat disappointed that it was non-alcoholic, but it helped to warm us up nonetheless! Glögg is something Nick has made back in the US for me- it is a type of spiced, warm red wine; occasionally mixed with rum or brandy; usually served with raisins and nuts inside. Absolutely delicious!

Afterwards the food tent, we explored the rest of Bubbetorp, bought some chocolates, and headed home! Personally, I think Bubbetorp was a cute, quaint little Christmas Market- although not exactly what Nick has described to me! However, I will be experiencing both Tivoli (Copenhagen) and Paris Christmas Markets this weekend! Stay tuned for those posts :)


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