Monday, June 23, 2014

Trip to the Minnesota Zoo

On Saturday, Nick and I headed down to the Minnesota Zoo for the day with a couple of our friends. Here are just a couple pictures from our time there!

my favorite, the beautiful & regal leopard! 
Probably my favorite part, giant snakes!

Crazy looking 'sea dragon'- there are 3 there!

You can't really see him- but here's one
of my favorites, the tiger!

This was my first trip to the zoo in as long as I can remember (probably haven't been in almost 20 years!) but it was a good one nonetheless. It was amazing to see the vast difference in how animals here were treated versus some of the animals we saw (or chose not to go see) while in Thailand. A great day overall spent relaxing at the zoo, and then with some dinner at home! Anybody reading do anything fun over the weekend?

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