Thursday, June 5, 2014

I'm Jealous Of My Dog

I'm jealous of my dog's life
Lily taking a nap- the bed wasn't comfy enough (I guess!)

Yes, you read that right. I just returned home from my morning run (finally hit a 9 minute mile on a consistent pace for 3 miles!) and Lily (my dog) barely opened her eyes to see who was at the front door, and then flopped right back over to go back to sleep.

See, Lily has a pretty good life. She gets to sleep about 23 hours a day, and being the cruel owners that Nick and I are, we make her wake up a couple times a day to take her out and feed her. Most days, we even force her to go on a walk- pretty much around the block, but a walk nonetheless- and thats her exercise for the day. Lily can sleep 23 hours a day, only adjusting position when she needs a new spot, or to get closer to the air conditioning.

Lily never gains weight. Maybe its because her favorite foods are carrots, apples, and strawberries. She has a healthier diet than I do! Seriously, small parts of me wish my favorite foods were fruits and vegetables…but I consider chocolate a food group of its own.

Another reason I'm jealous of Lily? EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, loves her. Whenever we go on walks, or to the park, or even when I took her to Sociable Cider Werks in Minneapolis- Lily is a hit. Constantly showered with attention, told how pretty she is, how adorable, sweet, and pretty much a stunning person. (really? I wonder…)

In a dog's world, everything, and I mean everything, is the most exciting thing EVER. When we take Lily's kennel out, she knows its time for a car ride and road trip (woohooo!!!) When we get the leash out, its time for a walk. If the patio door opens, she gets to go lay in the sun! Anytime the fridge opens, she ASSUMES something in there is for her. When the footstool is pulled next to the bed, she gets to hop in bed with us! Gosh, life is just so darn exciting!!

Lily, you've got a good life. Don't get mad at me now when I wake you up to take you out and play with you for a bit!

Are you ever jealous of your dog or pets?

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