Sunday, September 14, 2014

52 Weeks // One Year!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband! I must say, the day does have the feeling of just another day. After all, we chose to celebrate our anniversary last weekend with a nice day & night out in Stockholm. Nick had a few days off and we took full advantage of them! We spent some time shopping, then checked out the Gamla Stan and had an amazing dinner. Finally, we headed to meet up with one of Nick's teammates and his wife for a bit and spent some time with them. Nick gave me my anniversary present while in Stockholm, and I had given him his present the day it arrived in the mail- I can't lie, I am terrible at keeping presents a secret, usually ending up giving them to Nick way before the actual event for the present.

Scratch off Travel Map

I knew that the traditional anniversary gift was paper (for the record, when I told Nick this, he asked who makes up those rules?). I wanted to do something related to that, and while there were a couple ideas I thought that a scratch off travel map would be perfect for us. As you can see, we scratched off the countries we have been- the US, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Italy, and Thailand- and have already begun our plans to further our travels! We have both been many places on our own- for Nick, pretty much every country in Europe, as well as Russia and many of the ex-Soviet satellite states. For myself, we could then scratch off a few places in Europe, in addition to Costa Rica and Hawaii. However, we wanted this map to be about us, and inspire us to get out and see the world! We both really like our map, and are thinking of ordering another for our home in the US as well as here in Sweden.

anniversary breakfast
heart shaped French Toast & bacon!
So today, its been a quiet day. I woke up early and made a little anniversary breakfast for Nick with french toast and bacon. Beyond that, its just a regular Sunday in our house, waiting for some friends to come over and watch the Minnesota Vikings (hopefully!) kick the Patriot's butts. Of course, I do have a little champagne chilling in the fridge- what's a celebration without champagne?!

I already talked about our anniversary previously, when I wrote about 50 weeks // 50 years. Nick and I talked about our wedding today, and agreed that while it feels like it was just yesterday, it also feels like it was 50 years ago already and that we have been married forever. And I must say, I don't mind that feeling! 

anniversary dinner in Stockholm
enjoying a glass of wine in the Gamla Stan!

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