Friday, September 26, 2014

Vegas, baby, Vegas!

what to do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas. One of my favorite places in the world, simply because there is something for everyone there. Ever since my first trip to Las Vegas with Nick several years ago, I have been convinced that there really is something for everyone- after all, we enjoy Vegas together, we have enjoyed it with friends, heck, even my parents are going there this weekend!

Today, because I have a slight touch of jealousy that my parents will be enjoying Las Vegas and all it has to offer this weekend, I am going to share some of my favorite things to do while in Las Vegas!

rooftop of Pure, at Caesar's Palace
 First, I'm going to start with the nightlife! One of my all-time favorites is Pure, the club located at Caesar's Palace. Like I mentioned, Vegas has something for everyone- and Pure is my place. Neither Nick nor myself are big clubbers- which is why we enjoy Pure. Yes, it is a nightclub- but at the same time, while it offers music, DJs, and dancing; it also offers beautiful views of Las Vegas at night, room to stand without being pushed around, an atmosphere in which you can have a conversation and hear the person you are speaking with, and bars where you can get a drink when you want one. In short, there is absolutely nothing else I could ask for! In my personal opinion, Pure is the best nightclub in Las Vegas, and anybody heading there should check Pure out!

The Grand Canyon. On my first trip to Vegas, Nick was kind enough to surprise me with a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon, and boy was that ever worth it. Cruising around and seeing the sights in a helicopter was pretty cool, and an experience that anybody would enjoy. Read more about our helicopter tour here. 

Shows, shows, shows. Las Vegas has shows of every type, style, and sort. We have seen several Cirque du Soleil shows- The Beatles LOVE is my favorite. We have seen comedians and showgirls. Las Vegas has a show for anybody, be it sports, music, comedy, circus, or anything else you can think of.

Fabulous dinners out. Las Vegas has so many great restaurants, especially- in my opinion- the Steakhouses. Nick and I love grabbing a nice meal out with a bottle of wine, enjoying each others company. You really can't go wrong with the restaurants in Las Vegas.

a great night out with friends!

Poolside cocktails. Vegas has gorgeous weather for most of the year, so while there make sure to check out a pool party, or just grab a chair and lounge poolside. Cocktail servers will come around checking if anybody needs a drink- strawberry daiquiris are always my favorite! Usually, while I lounge poolside Nick is inside playing Pai Gow poker (his favorite!) …it wouldn't be a Las Vegas post if I didn't mention gambling!

…I have even convinced Nick to hang out in the sun with me on occasion!

The shopping & the view. I have bought so many great dresses in Vegas- including the one I am wearing in the above picture. Beyond the shopping, for a chill night out head to Mix at Mandalay Bay. Located on the 64th floor (and currently undergoing a major remodel, expected to open in February) Mix offers great priced wine and gorgeous views of the strip. 

Overall, Las Vegas has something for everyone- great food, shopping, parties, and relaxation. Of course, Vegas is a huge attraction for gambling- but there is so much more to it than that! For those of you who have been to Vegas, what is your favorite activity?

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