Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Helicopter Tour of the Grand Canyon

Myself in the helicopter
Nicholas Angell wife in helicopter
Nick in the helicopter 
Gorgeous Views

Hoover Dam

Nick and I have officially booked our Las Vegas trip for this summer! In honor of that, I'm looking back and going to share an amazing experience from our first trip there: taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon!

First, I will start by saying that when Nick and I went to Las Vegas for the first time together (and my first time ever) I truthfully had no idea what to expect. Alongside that, I had no idea that the Grand Canyon (one of my favorite things in the world, perhaps, although I had never seen it) was close to Las Vegas, and that we would likely see it on our plane ride there. You can only imagine my excitement when Nick pointed out the plane window and told me "Hey, see that there, you can see the Grand Canyon!" Cue extreme excitement and excessive picture taking. After seeing how excited I was, Nick planned a little surprise for me during our trip- a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon!

The helicopter tour was absolutely amazing, and something I would recommend to anybody going to Vegas looking to get off the strip. We were picked up and dropped off right outside our hotel. When we arrived to the airport, we grabbed our headgear and were off. It was about a 20 minute or so ride to the Grand Canyon (still with great views of Vegas, and awesome for a first helicopter ride!). Once we reached the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam, our helicopter driver was a great assistance in pointing out different sights to look at. We drove for about 30-45 minutes over the Grand Canyon before turning around and heading back. It was really great to turn around, because this way no matter which side of the helicopter you were on you got to check out both sides of the Grand Canyon. Absolutely beautiful views on both trips!

Looking back at old photos has gotten me even more excited for this upcoming trip! Has anybody else ever done a helicopter tour somewhere? What did you think?

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