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7 Things You Gain From Greek Life

When I was in college, one of the very first things I did was go through formal recruitment and join a sorority, Delta Gamma. There were a lot of reasons why I  went through recruitment (and a lot of reasons I didn't want to!) but at the end, I pretty much fell in love and became a member for life. Because when you join a sorority, it changes you. Today, I want to touch on seven things you gain from being in a sorority.

Delta Gamma bid day
My first day as a Delta Gamma, with all of the other new members!
1. I learned great interviewing skills. When you go through sorority recruitment, it is an intimidating experience- you are interviewed by hundreds of women, for several hours, for several days. Then, once you join a sorority- you learn going through recruitment was the easy part. As a member, you practice interviewing and interviewing skills for a week, and then go into recruitment week "prepared" to interview hundreds of women. You learn to quickly filter them in your mind, as someone who fits the mold of a potentially great member and would fit in with the sororities goals and ideals. This greatly helped me this past year, when I performed on-the-spot interviews with hundreds of people- you learn how to initiate conversation and steer the interview to wherever you would like it to go. Sorority recruitment helped me as a manager be able to perform snap judgements on whether a person would be a good employee, based off just a short interview.

Delta Gamma recruitment
Part of our senior class before Pref Night at recruitment
2. Leadership Experience. In my sorority, I was the Vice President of Programming, the second highest office our chapter could hold. In this, I was in charge of organizing our calendar for the upcoming year: when social events would be held, initiation, fundraisers, recruitment events, and various other programming we were required to perform. And all of this had to also match up with the overall Greek calendar, and the University calendar. As the VP, I was in close contact with our President and the advising team, as well as a member of the executive board (all VPs), and nominating committee (in charge of helping select the incoming officers).

3. Time Management. Being in a sorority means you have to learn how to manage your time. In addition to the regular obligations of college life- classes, studying, exams, projects- you will also have numerous events to attend. Weekly chapter meetings, weekly officer meetings (if you hold a position), recruitment events, sisterhood events, philanthropic events, mandatory study hours, the list goes on. Add all of this on to holding down a job, and you really learn how to prioritize your time and manage it.

4. Social Life. Of course, this is one of the most obvious benefits of being in a sorority. Aspects of the social life associated with Greek Life include sorority and fraternity formals, date parties, exchanges, philanthropy events, Homecoming events, Spring Jam events, and of course recruitment events. The social life aspect of Greek Life is a great way to get involved on campus, meet new people, and make a large campus seem much smaller.
why you should go Greek
Before spring formal 2009
why you should go Greek
Before my last formal in 2011
5. Sisterhood & Lasting Friendships. Well this one is pretty easy. When I joined, we had about 75 members- by the time I graduated, we had around 120 members in the house. Not to mention the 145,000 living alumna and 15,000 current collegiates. When I got married this past September, 5 of my 6 bridesmaids had been in my sorority- coming from 2 different schools, and 5 different pledge classes. I would say my sorority lived up to our ideals across the country. This year even, as I was talking about my wedding after the fact with one of Nick's teammate's Mom, we discovered that she had also been a member of my sorority!

And this applies not only to my sorority, but also to ones across the country- having been in a sorority, I have met many women who mention sorority and it is easy to bond over the similarities and differences, and each of our experiences with the sorority.

Delta Gamma wedding
Delta Gamma bridesmaids!
6. Personal Development. Your achievements will be recognized by the chapter, in an number of different uplifting ways. At the same time, you will be held accountable for your actions and mistakes. There is always a sister there with you, and as a member of the sorority you represent not just yourself, but your entire chapter.

Why you should go Greek
before Graduation!
7. The memories! Good, bad, funny, sad, hysterical- they are all there. And will continue to be there. When you follow your house on instagram and twitter, and see picture being put up, you'll instantly be nostalgic. The first year after you've graduated, yep come bid day you'll probably be calling up your best friend (who more than likely was a sister) talking about how you miss it, but damn how recruitment sucked and your glad done with it!

why you should go Greek
Delta Gamma bid day 2010- part of the senior class!
why you should be in a sorority
The girls with our 1200 pound Delta Gamma pumpkin
Of course, these are just a few of the many reasons I enjoyed my time as a collegiate member, and just a few of the memories. I have traveled around the country with these girls. I have worked with them, at several different jobs. I've met new women with completely different perspectives as me. And I've been a member of something that is nation, and even world, wide. These are just my seven things you gain from being a sorority. Any women out there think of ones I missed?!

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