Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Hockey Wedding

hockey wedding
Hockey Puck Table Numbers
Nicholas Angell wife

hockey wedding

hockey themed wedding
Nick, myself, and our sticks
hockey themed wedding
KHK jersey as a present for our ring bearer
hockey themed wedding
ring bearer's reaction!
 When Nick and I got married, our wedding almost centered around hockey. From the time we sent out our hockey-themed Save The Dates, until the day after the wedding when we traveled back to Sweden for his hockey career, it was on our minds. For Nick, the wedding was quite a whirlwind. We had moved to Sweden August 1. I went back to prepare and get the last arrangements ready in the beginning of September, but he stayed back to practice- and play in the first game of the season on September 12, way up North. The morning of the 13th, he woke up, hopped on a flight to Stockholm, then to Amsterdam, and finally to Minneapolis; arriving at about 3:00 PM. Just a quick 2 hours before the wedding festivities would start- and of course, with the time difference, it was already 10 PM for him. For Nick, it was fly home Friday, Rehearsal dinner, Wedding Saturday, fly back Sunday (I joined for this flight!) and he was only in Minnesota for 48 hours. Talk about a quick trip!

Our save the dates were one of my favorite parts of the wedding, just because it worked perfectly for us. As we both play hockey, it made sense to do a somewhat-hockey theme!

After the Save the Dates, it came into our table numbers. My Dad was amazing in helping, and created the table numbers for us (100% his idea, too!). I think overall he made 25 of these, one for each table. And of course, he had the foresight to make both a 7 and 11 for the head table (both my number and Nick's number). This is just one of the many ways he helped us for our wedding.

Of course, we had to get a bride and groom picture with our hockey sticks! It is one of my favorite pictures from the wedding actually, and the only one we currently have printed out and hanging in our living room here (thanks Mom & Dad!).

Lastly, one of the funniest moments of the day was when we gave our ring bearer his present. Nick had purchased a KHK jersey for him, and we were both excited to give it to him. However, as I was holding it out to give to him he ran and jumped into Nick's arms, apparently scared of the black bug on it!

There are just a couple of the details from our wedding! Hope you enjoyed them!


  1. I've certainly never heard of a hockey themed wedding before, that's an intriguing idea. This wedding looks like it was so much fun!

    1. Thanks! We just incorporated a few hockey aspects into our wedding, so it was definitely unique to us!


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