Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Introducing…the LilyMonster!

English Bulldog
The Lily girl!
English bulldog
Are you taking a picture of me?!
Nick Angell bulldog
I'll pretend to run, it'll look good!
English bulldog sleeping
What, you've never slept like this?!

Cool English bulldog
I'm WAY cooler than you!
Nicholas Angell wife
Just a normal nap time!
Nicholas Angell bulldog
supercute in her hot dog costume
with her new best friend, kitty!
just chewin' my keys 
hit of the party!
So today, I'm introducing you to the all-time cutest (so ugly she's cute!) bulldog in the world, my Lilymonster. Very affectionately named that (by me), but to Nick and the rest of the Angell clan she's just good ol' Lily. With that, here's just a little information on this beautiful pup behind the blog!

Nickname: The LilyMonster, Lilz
Age: almost 5 years old!
Birthday: May 4
Favorite activity: sleeping
Favorite food: apples and carrots

Lily is a bit of a world traveler, having lived in Frankfurt and Berlin in Germany, as well as Minneapolis and Duluth, Minnesota. Her favorite activity as mentioned is sleeping, edging out just ahead of eating. In our house, we have a couple of "words" we don't say: the F word, for food, and the S word, for squirrel. Nick and I were a little worried when we first brought kitty home that Lily would think kitty was a squirrel- but it only took a little adjusting and now they are best friends (mostly because they enjoy sleeping and cuddling together!)

Unfortunately, Lily was not able to join us this year in Sweden: airlines won't fly English Bulldogs anymore because of their breathing troubles (snub-nosed dogs). She will definitely have more of a presence on this blog once we are back in Minnesota- hope you enjoyed meeting the monster!

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