Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Kitty Elfie!

Nick Angell wife
Just napping with Mom!
kitty wants wine
Can I have some wine, please Mom?!
crazy kitty
I'm Queen of the world!

kitty in snow
I don't think I like this stuff very much!
kitty eating popcorn
I don't want to share my popcorn with Lily! 
tortoise shell kitty

Nicholas Angell wife
Another nap with Mom- look how I've grown!
crazy kitty
Which doesn't belong?
Nick Angell wife
Mom's my favorite!
Kitty falls in bathtub
I fell in the bathtub!
Kitty and puppy best friends
My best friend Lily!
kitty and christmas tree
Here goes another ornament!
Nick Angell wife

Earlier in the week I officially introduced LilyMonster to you guys. Today, its time to introduce Elfie, better known as kitty! We got Elfie on November 11 (11/11) when she was just about four weeks old, and such a tiny little girl! We named her Elfie because 'elf' in German is eleven- so we just made it sound cute! Of course, because she was such a tiny little girl when we got her we have pretty much only called her kitty, and thats of course the name she responds to now.

Nickname: kitty
Age: about 1.5 years 
Birthday: not quite sure! October sometime
Favorite activity: annoying Lily 
Favorite food: popcorn!
Best Friend: Lily

Kitty is currently living with my older brother, Zack, while we are in Sweden. However, next year we are going to try and bring her with us! It'll be so nice to have a little munchkin running around here when Nick is gone. However, kitty has greatly been enjoying her time with Zack, making sure to keep him on his toes with her crazy antics. Some of kitty's new favorite pastimes have been drinking water from the faucet, chasing her tail in the bathtub, and knocking ornaments off the Christmas tree.

One of the hardest things about being in Sweden (besides being away from friends and family) is having had to leave our pets back home. They are each crazy in their own way- especially kitty- and great sources of entertainment and love! I can't wait to get back home to these two crazy munchkins.

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