Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Time for another update post around here! This is a quick one, but don't worry: hopefully within the next couple days Nick and I will have some news to announce. So, while this post won't be super exciting, I should have more information within the next couple days here. Don't worry- you will be the first to know! Now, back to the rest of summer...

Celebrating: My recent midterm exam score in my accounting class. I had been worried that accounting would be the death of me- and I still think it will be! But I'm sitting a little more easily after receiving a 93% on my midterm. Less than 5 weeks less in the course!

Chasing: Squirrels. Nick & I have been going on frequent walks with Lily, our bulldog, and squirrel chasing is one of her favorite activities. There is almost a shortage of them in downtown Minneapolis this year, so we may have to find a new place to squirrel hunt!

Wearing: my coziest robe. Minneapolis mornings still have a slight chilly note to them, so with all the doors and windows open in our condo a warm robe is definitely a necessity!

Thinking: about how much I really need to go for a run today. Minneapolis is my all-time favorite place to run. I have a great little 3-5 mile route I take right by the Mississippi River, and in addition to the route the people watching simply can't be beat.

gorgeous summer day for a ball game- absolutely no filter used on this picture!
Wondering: how it is possible that the Minnesota Twins are in 1st place, the year after we got rid of our season tickets. After years of close to 100 loss seasons, it was time to get rid of the tickets- and now they are in first place! We were able to catch a great afternoon game this past Sunday, so it was nice to enjoy a game from the winning side of things....sitting in the first row was not bad either

Planning: on nailing out a couple of Pinterest projects throughout the rest of summer. I was just at my best friend's house, and she has this super cute coffee table that she made using an Ikea table, covering it in 2x4s and staining the wood. It looked awesome, and I will definitely be attempting that at some point in the next few months!

So, there you have it with life lately for Nick and I! We have both kept busy with various activities, including spending time with friends and family, schoolwork, and regular work. Both of us are quite happy that the month of June is finally here and we can start looking forward to warm weather and weekends at the cabin. And with that, it is time for me to run off and get some things accomplished around the house here. Hope everyone is having a terrific week, and is able to enjoy some gorgeous weather sooner rather than later!

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