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Punta Cana: Bavaro Adventure Park & Review

Bavaria Adventure park review
zorbing at Bavaro Adventure Park
Just over a month ago, Nick and I were enjoying the warm weather in Punta Cana, and taking a break from all of our crazy activities. Our trip was definitely a busy one, and one of the fun activities we were able to do was spend a day at Bavaro Adventure Park. Bavaro Adventure Park is conveniently located right by the hotel zone in Bavaro Beach (where a ton of the Punta Cana hotels are located). Today, I'm going to take a quick look at some of the awesome activities we were able to do, and the various highlights and lowlights of this adventure!

bavaro adventure park review
Flight Simulator at Bavaro Adventure Park

The first activity that Nick and I chose to take on was the flight simulator. This one is pretty much as it sounds- you get strapped into a contraption made to look like a giant flying bird, and then take off over the treetops and fly in a circle. If I'm honest, this was a bit underwhelming. However, it was a great way to start off our day, as this gave us a sky-high view of the rest of the park so we could plan out the rest of our attractions! For those who visit Bavaro Adventure Park and choose the unlimited activities package, this is definitely a great way to start out your day and be able to view the entire park.

bavaro adventure park review
the balls & the hill!
After the flight simulator, I knew I absolutely had to try zorbing- and since it was close by, it made perfect sense for our second stop! We swung by the zorbing hill, and prepared to roll our way down. The above picture is underwhelming- trust me, the hill was much bigger! In any case, we walked up the hill, got strapped in, and then had the next 30 seconds of our lives literally roll- and fly- by! Both Nick and I couldn't stop laughing, and I think zorbing was one of my favorite experiences at Bavaro Adventure Park. Definitely be prepared to sweat though- it gets quite warm in those balls!

review of bavaro adventure park
Our first Segway experience!
After flying through the air and rolling down a hill, we decided to take it nice and easy and go for a Segway ride. Neither Nick nor I had been on a Segway before, and we decided it might be a kind of cool experience to have. The Segway tour took you around the park, and you were able to really feel immersed in nature. It was the perfect way to relax and enjoy a new experience while on vacation.

punta cana to do
Posing before the climbing garden
After the Segway tour, we decided to experience the climbing garden. Essentially, the climbing garden is a maze of ropes, logs, and other materials to jump and climb through. Looking at it was definitely much easier than doing it! Neither of us thought it would be the workout it was, but at the end we were definitely sweating. After about a 45-minute workout, you are able to take a small zipline to the bottom. This is where our day got really interesting...upon landing at the bottom of the zipline, Nick discovered that his wallet had gone missing. On any normal occasion, this wouldn't be the best situation. But on vacation, when I hadn't brought my wallet or any of my credit cards, it was definitely important to have his. Cue us, and the eight staff members around us, walking around through the forest trying to find his black wallet. By some miracle, one of the amazing staff members found his wallet and returned it to us. What a lifesaver!

to do in punta cana
flipping on the trampoline!
 After our exhausting day full of adventures, Nick told me that it was about time to head back and relax for a little while. On our way out, I was able to persuade him to let me enjoy the bungee trampoline, which allowed you to do cartwheels and flips in the air at up to 32 feet high. I loved being able to jump up and do some flips, something I hadn't done since I was about 12 years old and had a trampoline at my parents house. This was definitely a fun experience, but again, just slightly underwhelming.

things to do in punta cana
Nick and I after my trampoline experience
Nick and I had a great time at Bavaro Adventure Park. Beyond the activities, Bavaro Adventure Park staff does a great job of leading you through a miniature nature garden, featuring the various plants, fruits, vegetables, and vegetation native to the Dominican Republic. It was a very interesting thing to experience a bit more of the culture than you would have simply staying on a resort 24/7, and both Nick and I were happy to be led through the nature garden and experience some of these various things...including, a (fortunately!) dead tarantula on the side of the path. In addition to the activities that we were able to do, Bavaro Adventure Park also has zip lining, paintball, and mountain biking available.

Beyond the activities at Bavaro Adventure Park, one of the highlights was definitely the staff. They treated Nick and I so well, and were such great people in general! The photographers also do an amazing job, and were able to capture so many terrific moments between Nick and I. When you head to Bavaro Adventure Park, make sure to check out the terrific work that the photographers do. They are really there every step of the way, and will capture each and every moment of these unique experiences for your family. For families staying in Punta Cana, I felt that Bavaro Adventure Park would be the perfect one-day, bang-for-your-buck experience- they really have a little bit of everything, from activities for children to activities parents will enjoy. You really can't go wrong with a trip to Bavaro Adventure Park!

The only lowlight (if you can call it that!) is that some of the activities are overwhelming. However, with so many great activities to choose from, it is easy to choose the ones that will be best for you and the people you visit with. A huge thanks goes out to the entire staff at Bavaro Adventure Park for providing Nick and I with such a terrific experience!

**Disclosure: I received a complimentary tour in order to facilitate this review. As always, this did not affect my review in any way and all opinions are my own.**


  1. This looks so awesome! I'm terrified of heights so I think I may have struggled on the first activity a bit, but I like a challenge. It all looks like such a great time. As you said, it's always nice to get off the resort and see some of the local things. I can't believe the quality of the photos! They look great!

    1. It was a little high, but not too bad-- if you can be on a mountain, you can definitely do this! And yes, most of the pictures were from the company's cameras- not sure what they used- but a couple are from mine!

  2. Replies
    1. It was a blast! If you are ever in Punta Cana you'll have to make the trip!

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  5. I do think orbiting ended up being considered one of the most popular suffers from in Bavaro Venture Car park. Surely be ready to sweating though- the idea becomes pretty hot throughout those people baseballs!

  6. That sounds so much fun, will definitely try every single one of your activities. Especially the zorbing one, I can only imaging myself laughing the entire time, barely breathing. I love your write-up, makes me excited of getting here. Also, thanks for sharing your very vibrant photos.

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