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13 Awesome Things to Do in Stockholm!

Stockholm, Sweden
It's no secret around here that I love Stockholm. This past year, I decided that without a doubt Stockholm is my favorite European city- read all about why here. Surprisingly, despite the numerous posts about Stockholm on my blog, I've never talked about some of the best things to do while visiting this city! Today, here are some of my favorite activities- both free, and not- to do while visiting Stockholm.

Vasa: Much more impressive in real life!
1. Soak in some culture at Vasa Museum.

Vasa Museum houses the Swedish warship Vasa, which was completed in 1628 after three years of construction. Vasa set off on her maiden voyage, promptly sinking in the Stockholm harbor archipelago a short 20 minutes after leaving. For the next 333 years, Vasa was preserved underwater; and the warship is currently 98% original. Vasa Museum can be fairly touristy, but no words will describe the beauty of this ship and the great detail that went into construction. Welcome to Sweden described Vasa Museum perfectly: "Because really, Swedes celebrate one of the worst naval disasters in history? Gosh!"

One of many stunning sunsets I have seen in Stockholm
2. Watch the sun set over the archipelago.

Because really, who doesn't love a good sunset?

one of the many shopping streets dotting the city
3. Go shopping.

As the capital of Sweden, Stockholm is a quite trendy city. There are terrific shops all over the city, with everything from staples such as Swedish H&M to luxury designers, and local boutiques scattered throughout the city.

4. Walk the bridge over to Sodermalm at night, and check out Stockholm all lit up.

Similar to soaking in the sunset, who doesn't love a good look at the city at night? With water surrounding the entire city, the reflection of the lights on the water is simply amazing.

the narrow, cobblestone streets of Stockholm
5. Get lost in the Gamla Stan.

Literally, get lost. Check out the main square, and then just wander the tiny streets.

6. Embrace Swedish culture, and hit up a local coffee shop for a fika.

Coffee is a huge part of Swedish culture, as Swedes drink more coffee per capita than any other nation. This is highly evident, especially when you consider the Swedish tradition of fika. There is not a direct translation for fika to English, but essentially fika is the art of having coffee, usually with a pastry or small bite to eat. Be prepared though- if you grab fika with a Swedish person, fika tends to take anywhere from 1-3 is not grabbing a quick cup of coffee and say hi, it is an art form!

Enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine!
7. Eat. Drink. Repeat.

Do I even need to give an explanation for this? Check out the terrific restaurants, but also don't forget to grab a hot dog on the street from one of the many vendors.

search for painted windows, and eventually you will find them!
8. Search for painted windows.

Back when many of the buildings in Stockholm were constructed, glass was super expensive. As such, if you know what you are looking for you are able to spot painted windows. During construction, rather than paying for glass windows, 'windows' would be painted on buildings to give the appearance of a window.

9. Head to the ABBA Museum.

Because, ABBA. Swedish sensation. You know it.

kaffegillet, one of my favorite basement pubs in Stockholm
10. Find a basement pub, and soak in the historical atmosphere.

Stockholm is a very old city, and one of the few cities that wasn't bombed in either of the world wars. As such, the town is speckled with buildings that have been in existence since the 1200s and 1300s- and many of these buildings have now been converted into restaurants, complete with basement pubs. These pubs are one of the most unique attractions and things to do while visiting Stockholm.

at Cafe Opera with my love
11. Go dancing.

Stockholm's night life can be absolutely terrific. Head out to one of the many bars and clubs, and dance the night away.

12. Wander the bridges connecting this beautiful city.

Stockholm is a city built upon the water. Over 50 bridges connect 14 different islands, and as such you are never much farther than a stone's throw to the archipelago.

13. Vist a Rikstelefon booth, be a tourist, and grab a picture.

Of course, these are just a few of my favorite things to do in Stockholm. The city is huge, and has so much to offer to everyone. For those of you that have visited Stockholm, what are your favorite things to do?


  1. YES! I can't wait to go in January!!!

  2. My wife and I will be heading to Sweden in the new year to visit my Mum who lives in Mora, Dalarna. This time we want to spend a couple of days in Stockholm as my wife has never visited the capital before. I simply adore Stockholm and want my wife to enjoy its beauty and in winter it is simply beautiful! (well, it's beautiful all year round to be honest)


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