Thursday, May 14, 2015

Currently. . . Almost Summer Edition

It's been awhile since I've posted around these parts- at least, compared to the last 6+ months. Truthfully, I have no excuses, and I'm not about to make them. At this point, I just don't have too much that I am able to write about. I'm working on figuring out different aspects of my life, and redefining life plans. Since that is where my focus has been, this blog has taken a little bit of a backseat! With that, lets take a quick look into life recently around these parts!

Adjusting: I'm adjusting to getting back into the swing of work. Last summer I picked up a pretty easy serving job about 2 blocks away from where I live. This year, I decided it was time for a change (sort of!) and am back at my old serving job in downtown Minneapolis. After three years of being away, it is definitely a bit of an adjustment to go back and meet the new people. Fortunately, lots of the staff whom I always loved working with is still there. For now, it is just a matter of getting used to the late nights again!

Managerial Accounting... my current arch nemesis
Banging: My head against the wall as I try to decipher managerial accounting. For those of you unfamiliar with managerial accounting, it is my personal belief that these types of courses were invented to ruin perfect GPAs. Accounting is just not something I can wrap my head around, so I've been spending way too much time trying to understand the chaos (not rules) that managerial accounting is guided by. Only 7.5 weeks left of the course!

Organizing: My closet. I've never really enjoyed the 'order' in which I organized my closet a few years ago. Since then, between only living in Minneapolis 3 months of the year, and constantly moving clothes in and out of the closet, I've never found a method to the madness that works for me. Along with the simple organization comes donating the mass amounts of clothes that I haven't worn recently or don't fit me. Several trips to the donation box have already been made!

Anticipating: Some big changes in life. I don't know what they are (yet) but I know that something is coming down the pipeline. This has been part of the reason for my absence blogging lately- most of the anticipated news and/or feelings I haven't been able to publicly put them out there until things are finalized. While I definitely can be a go-with-the-flow person, I also highly enjoy planning ahead and list-making. As such, I'm anxious for things to be finalized so I can get back to my usual routine of using blogging as a cathartic release!

On our last trip in Punta Cana
Wishing: That traveling in the U.S. was much more like Europe. Technically, the U.S. has discount air carriers, but when you can't find a flight anywhere besides Chicago for less than $100 does it really count? In my opinion, no. Clearly, I had forgotten about the state of the travel system in the U.S. or I definitely would have made a few more trips this past year in Sweden. Hello, flights to Poland and London for $20 roundtrip. And on the subject of travel...

Wondering: Just where to hang our scratch-off travel map here in Minneapolis. Yes, we loved Nick's anniversary present so much that we ordered another for our condo here. Now, to find a great frame and place to put it in order to inspire us on future travels... Although, if it was up to me and cost wasn't an issue, our next travels with be to Brazil, Russia, India, China (yes, the BRIC countries), Australia, and Canada. Why? Because they cover huge amounts of land mass and then I can scratch off a great portion of the map.

Ordering: Way too much stuff online. Usually, I don't purchase too many things online- but for the last few weeks, online shopping has suddenly become my best friend! Even as I was typing this out, I realized I needed to order a new apron for work, so popped right on over to Amazon to place that order. Lets hope this is the end of my online shopping days!

Wanting: An occasion to get all dolled up for a date night on the town. Of course, before that happens Nick and I's schedules need to align with a full night off. I tell ya, it'll happen sometime!

Concentrating: On taking a little time for myself each day, and cutting myself some breaks. I've blogged before about how I constantly feel the need to be doing something and to be productive. This results in me spending every single day working on homework and blogging, never giving myself a second to breathe. I am doing better about it this summer- I have finished my homework for this week (besides 20 minutes I'll do tomorrow), so I should have the weekend off from homework!

On that note, I'm off to enjoy a little bit of a nap this afternoon before heading into work. How has your week/summer been shaping up? Any big news going on in your life?


  1. I totally agree on the cost of travel! It's the same in Aus. Europe is so affordable and easy to travel around... Australia is a joke!!

    1. Right! I've only been home a few weeks, and it is already killing me how expensive it is to get anywhere. And its not like there is public transportation to bus/train anywhere either!


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