Monday, July 20, 2015

Napa Wrap-up!

Hermosa Beach Hiking
Terrific views while hiking in Hermosa!
OK, OK, I'll be honest...this post wraps up more than just Napa Valley. It also wraps up my time in LA- but, Napa Wrap-up sounds much cooler than Cali wrap-up, so Napa it is! In any case...

loving my time in LA with these gals!
While in LA, I was able to spend a terrific two days with one of my good friends from college. We relaxed, hiked, lounged on the beach, and overall just caught up on the last year we had spent apart- and now, I'm already counting down the days until our next reunion! After my time in LA, it was time to jet up to Napa Valley for a terrifically memorable wine tasting trip!

Silver Oak Review
entrance to Silver Oak in Napa Valley!
Because I knew that I had a short 48 hours in Napa, I wanted to make the most of my time! I started the day off with an exquisite trip to Silver Oak. Silver Oak is an iconic vineyard, and I've actually got a special story about Nick and I's first date that surrounds Silver Oak- stay tuned for that when I review the vineyard! I purposefully scheduled wine tastings several hours apart so that I would be able to fully relax and enjoy the full experience that each vineyard had to offer.

Trefethen Review
Tasting wines at Trefethen!
After visiting Silver Oak, it was off for a delicious lunch before heading to Trefethen Vineyards for a family-driven experience. The property at Trefethen was just stunning. I can only picture how much more cozy it will become as they finish the reparations and restructuring after the damage caused by the May 2014 earthquake.

After visiting Trefethen, I headed back towards Oak Knoll to check into my Airbnb location and relax for a few hours before dinner. I had received very high recommendations to Bistro Don Giovani, so had reservations to check it out for the night! My first night in Napa Valley was a quick one, as I knew that I had a busy day of wine tastings and exploration ahead of me.

Chandon Review
Which Chandon wine would you prefer?

On Saturday, I was able to visit two more terrific vineyards. I started the day out with a spectacular trip to Chandon. The atmosphere at Chandon was truly unique, warm, and welcoming, inviting you to really stay and enjoy the experience with your friends, family, and others visiting the vineyard. Beyond the atmosphere, the beautiful grounds and gardening make you want to stay for hours! After enjoying our experience at Chandon, it was time for a quick stop for a delicious meal- taco truck, here we come!

Nickel & Nickel Review
The stunning property at Nickel & Nickel!
The wine tasting experience of the weekend concluded with a stop at Nickel & Nickel. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Nickel & Nickel, they feature spectacular single-vineyard wines. On top of that, the property is stunning and soaked in history.

the sun has set on my time in California for now- but I will be back!!
Beyond visiting Silver Oak, Trefethen, Chandon, and Nickel & Nickel, Nick and I were able to stop at several different wineries and tasting rooms to truly get a full Napa Valley experience. Each of the vineyards that I visited were so unique, and offered such a different and fabulous experience. If I learned anything beyond wine knowledge in Napa Valley, it is that Napa really has something for everyone! Whether you are looking for luxury, relaxation, a family experience, or a chance to meet new friends, there will be a vineyard and tasting experience for you. This post is just a quick overview of my time in California- stay tuned for plenty of more posts and information on Napa Valley and California in general! I'll be posting about each of these fabulous vineyards, where to stay and eat in Napa, hiking in California, and how to have a great time while still saving a bit of money. For those who have been to Napa before, where is your favorite vineyard and why? If you haven't been to Napa, which of these vineyards would you most like to visit?!


  1. Love you stylish photo in front of entrance to Silver Oak!

  2. Love the photos...the sunset is absolutely gorgeous! Makes me want to take a drive up north and explore some vineyards!


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