Sunday, July 5, 2015

DIY Drink Coasters For a Travel Lover!

Our memories from the last two years, preserved in drink coasters!
When Nick and I moved down to Des Moines a few weeks ago, I was excited to get started on some cute DIY projects. For the first project, I knew that I wanted to include some memories from our last years in Sweden and traveling around the world. As soon as I saw this project for DIY coasters on Pinterest, I knew that it was the perfect project to personalize our home and utilize some of the great travel photos that we have!

DIY travel projects
all of the supplies for this awesome travel DIY project!
Supplies that you will need for this project include:
-6-8 4X4 inch white tiles
-6-8 4x4 pictures
-modge podge
-paint brush
-polyurethane spray
-circular felt pads

To begin this project, you'll have to gather the above supplies. Take some time picking out the perfect pictures- I selected a variety of pictures, from landscapes to photos of Nick and I. I quickly discovered that the landscape pictures looked the best versus photos of people- which means this DIY project was even more perfect for our travel memories! Tips for this are to select brightly colored pictures, so that the colors pop even more. These DIY travel-themed drink coasters are the perfect conversation starter for your home, or gift for a travel lover!

DIY drink coasters
The perfect gift for a travel-lover!
Begin by covering your work space in newspaper or cardboard. Using a scissors, round the edges of the pictures. Once this is completed, use the brush and paint a thin layer of modge podge directly onto a tile. Quickly place and center a photograph onto the tile. Repeat this process for each tile, and then allow 20-30 minutes for the modge podge to dry and secure the picture onto the tile.

Thin layers of modge podge work best because they dry more quickly!
Once the tiles have dried, paint another thin layer of modge podge on top of the picture. Repeat this process on each tile, and then allow the tiles to dry for 20-30 minutes. Use several layers of modge podge, taking time to smooth it over the pictures and ensure the pictures are fully covered. Once thick enough (3-4 layers), allow the tiles to dry overnight.

A helpful tip: if you use too much modge podge and it doesn't dry overnight, this can be remedied! Place the tiles on a baking sheet in a warm oven for 2-3 minutes. The modge podge will melt together and be smooth once again! Don't overdo this step though- make sure to check on the tiles every 30 seconds, as the process goes quickly!

The next day, step into the sunlight and spray two layers polyurethane on top of the tiles. Allow this to dry overnight as well.

The DIY travel-themed coasters I made for my Mom after our European trip this last year!
The last step is to put circular felt pads on the bottom of the coasters so they don't scratch your furniture, and then you are all done! With just a bit of creativity and time, these coasters are the perfect way to reflect on terrific travel memories. For a DIY travel project, look no further!

For Nick and I's pictures, I used several pictures from our last year in Västerås- the city is so picture-perfect! As well, we used pictures from Germany, Norway, and Thailand. Since making this set of coasters, I've used this idea several time as gifts for both my parents and Nick's parents. These really are the perfect gift for anybody! A set of 8 coasters will only cost about $5 to make (assuming you have the modge podge, brushes, and polyurethane). The perfect gift at the perfect price- what more could you ask for?!


  1. Too cute! I made some a long time ago with scrapbook paper and they are still going strong. I need to make photo ones now, they are the perfect size for Instagram pics!

    1. Thanks! The landscape-type better look better than people- again, why it is great for travel!

  2. Oh this is a perfect idea! I've been trying to do the same thing but with magnets for the fridge!

    1. Thanks Ana! Magnets are a great way too- hah, if I had any magnets on my fridge I would totally do that!


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