Monday, August 24, 2015

Cliff Jumping Into Lake Superior

This last weekend, I decided to take the plunge and jump (not quite headfirst!) into Lake Superior. For those of you not familiar with Lake Superior, it is the largest of the Great Lakes and serves as a water border between the United States and Canada. Lake Superior is also considered to be the largest freshwater lake in the world. Being located as far North as it is, and as large as it is, Lake Superior is cold. There is no other way to say it. As a Minnesotan living only a few hours from Lake Superior, this is the first time in my memory that I have jumped into the lake... so naturally, we had to do it in style!

The best way to leap into Lake Superior!
And by doing it in style, I mean jumping off the cliffs of Big Bay State Park on Madeline Island!

Hitting the water!
Backflips off the lower cliff! Not me- and not something I'm quite willing to attempt!
Big Bay State Park is located on Madeline Island, one of the 22 Apostle Islands of Northern Wisconsin. Cliff jumping is one of the popular activities for tourists and locals while visiting Madeline Island. For a beginning like myself - heights are not my favorite thing in the world - cliff jumping into Lake Superior from Madeline Island was perfect! The cliff was only about 30 feet (10 meters), so it was just high enough to get your adrenaline going and not be too scary (or dangerous!)

Immediately after jumping, I felt such a large rush of adrenaline that I know this will be an activity I enjoy more in the future while traveling. While I certainly don't anticipate doing anything too crazy, such as the 200-foot/60-meter cliff just jumped by a Swiss man in Switzerland- I can see myself partaking in future jumps. Have you ever done something like cliff jumping, and is it something you would do again?


  1. I'm still just utterly amazed...I need to work up the courage to do this!

  2. Love this! My childhood town is right on Lake Michigan so I have a special love for the Great Lakes!

  3. Great attempt, Kudos Samantha. What's next then :)

  4. Great attempt, Kudos Samantha. What's next then :)

  5. Great attempt, Kudos Samantha. What's next then :)


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