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Thai Cooking Class

Thai Cooking Class Chaweng Regent Beach Resort
Nick and I after our Thai cooking class!
While on our honeymoon, Nick and I decided it would be fun to take a Thai cooking class and get a couple of new recipes for our repertoire! We looked at several different options throughout Koh Samui, and finally decided to just do the cooking class at our resort, Chaweng Regent Beach Resort. The class lasted about 3 hours, from the time we started until we finished eating the meal we cooked.

Thai cooking class review koh samui
everything all lined up!
Thai Cooking Class Koh Samui Review
the various sauces & mixes needed
thai cooking class koh samui review
one of the sets of ingredients
When we first got to the cooking area, it was all set up with each of the various sauces and mixes you would need while cooking. While cooking, the chef would demonstrate with a plate of ingredients and instruct you how to cut and prepare the various fruits, vegetables, and seafood. As you added and mixed ingredients together, you were instructed the proper amounts of the various sauces to add to your dishes.

Thai cooking class chaweng regent review
adding veggies to my stir fry!
stirring the green curry dish
Thai Cooking class chaweng regent
Nick stirring his ingredients
During the class, we made five different dishes. Each dish represented a course that Thais typically eat while having a family meal. We had a soup, salad, curry dish, rice dish, and finally a dessert course.

Koh Samui cooking class review
Red Pepper Cashew Chicken
Thai Cooking Class Koh Samui
All of our delicious food prepared & ready to eat!

In Thailand, it is traditional to prepare all of the dishes and then eat them all at once. Typically, the dishes will be served family style with a large serving of rice. Thais will take small portions from the dishes and bring it towards their plate to eat with the rice.

The cooking class was a lot of fun, and we got some great recipes out of it! The class was informative and a good way to spend a few hours. However, for two people we made WAY too much food- Nick and I didn't eat half of what we prepared! If we were to do the class again, we would only do it for one person and then just have the other come to eat the food. However, we both wanted to be involved. I am sure something could have been worked out with the hotel. All in all, a great experience that enabled us to take home some tasty recipes!

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