Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hej, Västerås!

Hej, Västerås!

Nick and I are getting excited for the upcoming season- just a few weeks now until we leave Minnesota and will be there for the year! We are getting excited to explore a new city together, and curious to hear about our new hometown. So, to the people of Västerås and VIK fans- what are the best parts about your city? Best restaurants, cozy cafes? Who has the best pizza, and who has the best kebabs- (jag älskar kycklingtallrikar!) Where should Nick and I check out when we are going on date nights? When headed out for fika, or to study for a couple of hours, who's got the best coffeehouse? Are there any great running paths for me? Upcoming 5 or 10K races I can participate in? When we have visitors in town, what are the must-do items and sights to see around the city? What makes you love the city you live in?

I am so excited to hear your answers and start checking out the great city! Some of my favorite memories from Karlskrona last year are exploring the city, learning about the history of it, finding new restaurants and cafes, and just getting to know my new town. I enjoyed a walk around the city on my first day in Karlskrona, finding the story of the Statue of Rosenbom, and hanging out in the city center with King Karl XI, all in our first few weeks! So tell me, what do I have to look forward to this year?!

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