Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! Nick and I had a great weekend relaxing and spending time with friends and family. For today, I'm just going to do a little recap of our weekend!

mojito recipe
easy mojitos with my mother-in-law!
On Thursday, Nick's parents came down for the weekend. I figured it was a great time to make my mojitos- you can check out the recipe here! We relaxed on the patio in the gorgeous weather. A perfect afternoon for a delicious summer cocktail!

Fourth of July Big Island 2014
the crew for the Fourth!
Fourth of July Big Island
celebrating our country!
On Friday, we celebrated the Fourth by heading out onto the lake! We went to Big Island with a good group of people, and enjoyed the sun and warm weather. After the lake, we headed home for some dinner and more relaxation. After a long day on the sun we were both tired, so ended up going to bed nice and early.

weekend shopping Michael Kors

weekend shopping Swedish dream

Saturday afternoon we spent the day shopping with Nick's parents. Nick and I both found some good deals, as well as some stuff for one of the guys on the team. Based off how expensive shopping in Sweden is, I have been hitting the mall frequently to get it out of my system before heading back in a few weeks! Just for an example- we bought one of the guys three pairs of Converse shoes (you Swedes love them!), as well as a couple of sweaters- for probably 1/3 of the price you can get stuff in Sweden. Thus, the reason for my almost weekly trips to the mall!

After shopping, we enjoyed dinner and relaxed before a busy Sunday. Nick had several workouts to do, and I had a big project for my MBA to complete. Sunday night, Nick and I finally got to skate again, and I was able to (start) breaking in my new skates! Let me tell you, I thought my feet have hurt after wearing a pair of high heels… absolutely nothing compared to an hour and a half in a brand new pair of skates! This might take some getting used to… the good thing is, eventually my feet just went numb so I was able to forget about it!

new bauer skates
my new Bauers!
How was your weekend? Did you get a chance to spend time with family or friends for the holidays?

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