Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Review: Air Berlin Airlines

Over the past year and a half, I have flown many different airlines, ranging from large international carriers such as Delta and United to smaller, budget airlines. One of the airlines I have flown with that has stood out is Air Berlin. Air Berlin is Europe's third-largest discount airline, and Germany's second largest carrier. Today, I will give a quick review of my experiences with Air Berlin! Flights I have taken with Air Berlin include:

  • Stockholm-Berlin
  • Berlin-Stockholm
  • Stockhom-Vienna (connection) - Munich
  • Munich - Berlin (connection) - Stockholm

Air Berlin Christmas Plane
The most recent time I flew with Air Berlin was when Nick and I went to Berlin for Christmas. We flew Stockholm-Berlin-Stockholm, and overall had very pleasant flights. A very nice surprise when we boarded the plane was to see that the plane was decorated for Christmas, with the message 'flying home for Christmas' on the plane, as well as each of the seat head covers. I felt it was a very nice touch for the holiday, especially for travelers who were taking late flights- such as the one Nick and I took, due to arrive in Stockholm at 7 PM.

One of the nice things about Air Berlin is that despite being a discount airline, you still get many of the amenities you would on regular flights. In my experiences with Air Berlin, there has always been a beverage service as well as a light snack. While this has not been a full-on meal, each of my flights were usually only 1-2 hours, or short haul flights. For longer haul flights, Air Berlin offers sandwiches to snack on. Like many other airlines, Air Berlin offers upgraded snacks and beverages for purchase. An added bonus I have learned? For domestic flights within Germany, after 2 PM complimentary beer and wine are offered! Looks like I know who I will be flying with if I am ever flying within Germany…

On to a quick overview of Air Berlin. The pros are:

  • Beverage and snack service
  • In-flight entertainment available
  • Friendly service
  • Average level of comfortability with seats
The cons are:
  • None! With Air Berlin, you get what you pay for.
Overall, I will most likely definitely be flying Air Berlin again, especially for short haul flights. It is usually a much cheaper option than some of the larger airlines, and has been perfectly fine in my experience. While I have had slightly delayed flights, I have had this with every airline. The seats are just as comfortable as any other carrier, which is why I state that you get what you pay for. 

What about you? Are there any airlines, especially discount airlines, that you have had either great or terrible experiences with? 

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  1. I've been tempted to book with them before, so this is good to know. Thanks for the review!


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