Thursday, May 8, 2014

My First Ice Bar ever- in Thailand!

One of the things Nick and I were able to experience on our honeymoon was the world's only tropical Ice Bar. We figured that as long as we had time, we might as well make this one of the stops while we were on our honeymoon- and it even reminded us of home, especially as Minnesota got about 6 inches of snow the day before we went!

Koh Samui ice bar Thailand
the main bar at Bar Ice
We were staying in the Chaweng Beach area, and there is a free shuttle from the main strip to Bar Ice. Once you arrive there, you pay an entrance fee (about $10/person) which includes a drink. Because we had received fliers from a promotional worker, we got two drinks with the price of our entrance- so getting in was pretty much free!
tropical ice bar Thailand
enjoying my drink at Bar Ice!
Koh Samui Ice Bar Thailand
Nick and I at Bar Ice
Ice Bar Thailand Koh Samui

Ice Bar Koh Samui Thailand

Visiting the ice bar was a pretty cool experience. Bar Ice is the world's only tropical ice bar, and the -7C temperature is nice when you consider the heat outside! I had wanted to visit an ice bar for awhile just to check it out, so this was the perfect time- and price for it. The inside of the ice bar is a little bit smaller than we were expecting, but as we were visiting while it wasn't that busy we still had plenty of space to move around. One of the highlights of our visit was the staff and owner at Bar Ice. While chatting with one of the bartenders, we got to know him fairly well and he introduced us to the owner. It was cool to hear their stories, what brought them to Koh Samui, and how they enjoyed the change in life (they were both from the UK).

If you are in Koh Samui, Bar Ice is something I would recommend doing if you have plenty of time and want something a little bit different- otherwise, I wouldn't consider it an absolute "must-do!"

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