Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Life Lately

Wow! Its been a while. What can I say- its summer time, and we are trying to relax (on those few occasions when we have a chance!) in addition to enjoying the wonderful weather we have been having here at home. Time really has been flying by this summer- hard to believe that it is almost June, and we have under ten weeks before heading back to Sweden. Feels like just yesterday that we came home!

We have certainly been busy here at home. I started working back in March, and am right back in the swing of that. In just two short weeks (looks like I better get ready for this!) my grad school classes will start again. Nick is already training like crazy for the upcoming season, and his training is only going to get more intense (and increase in volume!) as the weeks go by here. For now, let's take a look at life lately for Nick and I!

biking in Minneapolis summertime

Once the weather turned nice, Nick and I headed out to buy a new bike for me! We've taken plenty of rides so far, and will definitely continue to as the summer goes by. Plus, my best friend lives just about five miles down the bike path from me- so I'll be heading to her place often!

Minneapolis Sociable Ciderwerks dog friendly

This past weekend, Nick headed out of town for the day on a golf trip. It made for a perfect girls day with myself, previously mentioned best friend Julie, and Lily. After a day of shopping (and napping for Lily!) we went to check out Sociable Ciderwerks, a new cider brewery in Minneapolis. One of the best parts about Ciderwerks is that it is dog friendly- so Lily got to join us for a night on the town! 

Nick Angell Minneapolis

We took our first trip up to the cabin this past weekend, with many more yet to come as the summer rolls by. What could be better than a day spent lounging next to the lake, with a fire at night? 

Memorial Day Twins baseball game

Of course, the classic baseball game on Memorial Day had to happen. Twins lost (of course), but Nick and I were just happy to make it to the game- I worked until the end of the 6th inning, so we were only able to catch the last 2.5!

Minneapolis biking Tin Fish Lake Calhoun

A pic of Nick and I in the middle of our first bike ride of the season. It is just over 5 miles to Lake Calhoun, which is the perfect distance for a leisurely ride up to Tin Fish, a quick stop for a water break, and then heading back home. 

I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the summer! I (hope I can!) promise to be around blog-land more often, but we all know how busy the summer gets. Have a great start to your week!

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