Friday, May 2, 2014

Home- & our Honeymoon in Thailand Overview

Wow! Today, thanks in part to jet lag, I was able to watch the sun rise in Minneapolis. Crazy to think that yesterday I was watching it rise from the Bangkok airport, about to head home. Well, we made it home safe and sound, dealt with some serious jet lag last night, and will now hopefully get back to a normal schedule pretty quickly!

In short, our honeymoon in Thailand was amazing. We were able to do and experience so many new and cool things, that there is no way to possibly cram it all into one blog post, let alone ten. For my readers, be prepared for a massive amount of Thailand posts coming your way. To start things out, and give you an idea of what to look forward to, I thought I would go with a little overview of our honeymoon time!

Thailand honeymoon
As excited as you can get for 20+ hours of flights! 
The first leg of the trip was of course traveling! We were as excited as you can get for our honeymoon, especially knowing that you have over 20+ hours of flights ahead, plus all of the airport time. I had made sure to pack a full bag of carry on essentials- check that out here!

Songkran Koh Samui 2014
Nick after Songkran 2014
On Sunday, April 13 we participated in Songkran, which is part of the celebration in Thailand over the Thai New Year. Pretty much, it was a GIANT squirt-gun fight for the entire day, with the water meant to cleanse your spirit. 

Full Moon Party Koh Phangan April 2014 honeymoon
at the Full Moon & Thai New Year party in Koh Phangan
We were fortunate enough to be in Thailand for the coinciding dates of the Thai New Year and the Full Moon party. On April 14, we headed to Koh Phangan for this giant party on the beach. It was such a wonderful time- a great party with people from all over the world!

beach in Koh Samui Thailand honeymoon
the beach in front of our first hotel, First Bungalow, in Koh Samui
 A great majority of our honeymoon was spent lying next to either the beach or the pool- truly a time to relax for both of us!
fish spa in Koh Samui Thailand honeymoon
getting ready for my fish foot spa!
While on the honeymoon, we both received spa massage treatments almost daily. You could walk into any number of the massage parlors and get a 30 minute for massage for $3- so we took full advantage of that!

Thailand honeymoon Thai Cooking Class Chaweng Regent
Nick and I with our instructor at the Thai Cooking Class at our hotel
One of the activities we decided to do was take a Thai Cooking class through our second hotel, Chaweng Regent Beach Resort. The class was a fun experience, and we came away with some recipes we will definitely be using again!

Koh Samui Midnight Run Thailand Honeymoon
Nick and I after the Koh Samui Midnight Run 5K
Another cool thing we were able to do was participate in the 2nd annual Koh Samui Midnight Run 5K. I had never run a 5K before, so it was a cool experience to run my first one while in Thailand (despite the 95 degree heat!)

Thailand lucky balloon honeymoon
lighting off our lucky balloon our last night in Koh Samui
 Throughout the trip, we had seen numerous lucky balloons being launched off, so of course we bought one. We decided to light it off our last night in Koh Samui, as a way of saying good-bye to our primary honeymoon location. So much fun, and cool to watch it drift off across the night sky!

Chaophyara River Cruise Bangkok honeymoon Thailand
River cruise in Bangkok on the Chaophraya River
Our second-to-last night of the honeymoon we cruised down the Chaophraya River in Bangkok. It was a great trip, and a good way to see some of the sights, plus have a nice dinner to end the trip.

Thailand tuk tuk ride honeymoon transportation
a Tuk Tuk ride in Bangkok
Throughout Thailand, one of the more common (and affordable) modes of transportation is tuk-tuk rides. In Koh Samui, this meant riding in the back of a pick-up truck. In Bangkok, this meant riding in the back of a little three-wheeled scooter. A very interesting ride, thats for sure!

Koh Samui Thailand honeymoon beach
out and about touring the island of Koh Samui during our honeymoon
Our honeymoon was such a great time! These are just a few of the highlights from the trip. In the following weeks, make sure to keep checking back for further updates, stories, and history on all of the things we were able to experience while on our honeymoon in Thailand. Lastly, a quick thank you to my readers who continued checking up on all of the blog posts I had scheduled while I was gone. I truly appreciate your readership and comments, even if  I wasn't 100% active during the honeymoon!


  1. The Pictures shows the way you enjoyed your Trip.. Last year we had similar trip for my wedding anniversary and tried foot spa and massage at the beach and tried the street food.

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