Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Unique Mother's Day Gift

Happy Mother's Day!

While in Thailand, Nick and I came across several shops that had artists who could do custom paintings for you. We decided that with Mother's Day coming up, this might be a cool idea to get a unique (and completely personal!) gift for both of our Mom's. All we had to do was select a picture we wanted done, e-mail it to the artist, and come back four days later to collect our paintings! 

my parents, Nick and I at Lambeau Field
hockey player painting for Nick's Mom
Of course, we stopped by a couple of times to check on the progress of the paintings. It was cool to see who the artist sketched them out, then started filling in with some coloring, and eventually did the final touches!
the sketched out painting with a little color
the final painting for my Mom
the final painting for Nick's Mom
We were really happy with how each of the paintings turned out! The final paintings are almost dead-ringers for the pictures that we wanted done. A personalized painting seemed like the perfect gift for each of our Moms. So, today, Mary & Erna- happy Mother's day and enjoy your day! We love you both!


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