Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Engagement Party

engagement party preparations
Now thats how you stock a fridge for a party! 

Nick Angell family
The Angells

Samantha Angell engagement
The Krause family
Minneapolis engagement party
Christine, myself, and Kara

Nicholas Angell wife
Nick and I at our engagement party
Delta gamma engagement party
Thanks so much to these wonderful women for your support!

For this week's 'wedding' post, I'm going to look back at our engagement party! We hosted it on a Saturday night and rented out the party room from our condo association. It was a pretty chill and relaxed night- we really just wanted to get all of our friends and family together, and having an engagement party seemed like the perfect opportunity!

We had loads of burgers, brats, and hamburgers, as well as plenty of beer and wine!

I can definitely tell looking back that this party was hosted way before I had started my blog, because I only have these pictures from it (although I know more exist, I'm just not sure where!) At this time, Nick and I had also not even been thinking about coming back to the hockey world. He was working downtown, and my restaurant's grand opening was in just a few short days! We loved the opportunity to get together with our friends and family- and eventually, have a night out on the town. Thanks so much to everyone who joined us in celebrating our engagement!

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