Friday, April 25, 2014

That Time We Went to a Brewers Game

Miller Park Brewers Game
Nick outside of Miller Park
Nick Angell Brewers game
"holding up" his friend's sign

Nick Angell wife
Nick and I enjoying our great seats for the game!
Nicholas Angell wife
Hanging out in Miller Park

A couple of years ago, Nick and I headed to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for the weekend. We had plans to catch a Milwaukee Brewers game at Miller Park, hang out with my best friend's parents, and head to Summerfest! Our first stop of the trip was the Brewers game. Now, neither Nick or I are huge baseball fans by any means (despite having season Twins tickets) so we donned brand new Brewers hat and headed towards the game. We had been hooked up with some great tickets for the game, so we had a really good opportunity to catch a good ball game!

Eventually, being a baseball game- the game got a bit long and drawn out! We went to walk around the stadium, and of course snapped a photo of both of us sitting in the giant baseball glove. I enjoyed the game more after our quick walk- especially since I had grabbed a delicious strawberry daiquiri!

The weather on the day of the game was perfect for a ball game. Sunny, warm, and a little breeze to keep the air moving. We both really liked Miller Park, and will probably try to catch another game there  this summer if we are able to make it out to Milwaukee! What is your favorite baseball stadium?

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