Wednesday, April 23, 2014

DIY At Our Wedding

Good afternoon! Today, I am going to look at and feature the do-it-yourself (DIY) aspects from our wedding! There certainly was a lot of this, thanks to frequent Pinteresting by me, agreement to the projects from Nick, and a lot of work by people involved (a huge thanks to everyone involved! We were fortunate enough to have help from both my parents and Nick's, my maid of honor Julie, and all of my bridesmaids. You were all a huge help!) Without further ado, here we are with the DIY projects from our wedding!

DIY wedding card box
DIY Card Box
 My Mom was able to make us a card box for our wedding, using a couple of old cardboard boxes, ribbon, tape and some wedding wrapping paper!

DIY Centerpieces
DIY simple wedding centerpieces
our centerpieces and rose petals
Our DIY centerpieces were also pretty easy-  just a couple of trips to the Dollar Store and we were done! We bought vases that were about the size of a gerbera daisy and added some small rocks to the bottom of each vase. After that, it was just adding in a little bit of water, placing the daisy inside, and scattering a few rose petals on the table before our centerpieces were done. 

DIY cupcake stand
Our cupcake stand!
 To be completely honest, I have no idea how my Dad was able to make the cupcake stand for us. This was an idea I had seen on Pinterest and fell in love with- fortunately, he was able to create it for us!

DIY wine cork place cards
our DIY wine cork place cards
DIY wine cork place cards
Another view of our wine cork place cards
 The wine cork place cards were another Pinterest project that I found and knew right away I wanted for our wedding (plus, they were a great excuse to drink more wine and save the corks!) This is one project I will warn you on- it takes way more time than I was expecting! With tons of help from one of my bridesmaids and maid of honor, we were able to slice the corks (only a few cuts on fingers from that!) and get the place cards into the wine cork. After that, we used toothpicks to prop the wine corks up. Took a lot of time, but I thought they looked really nice at the wedding!

DIY hockey puck table numbers
Head table number on my side of the table

DIY hockey puck table numbers
All of the completed table numbers!
 As shown previously, my Dad also helped us out and made the table numbers for us- without me even finding the idea on Pinterest, he just thought of it! At the head table, we had a "7" on Nick's side (his hockey number) and an "11" on my side (my hockey number).

So those are (almost) all of the DIY aspects from our wedding! In addition to those, I also created and printed the programs, vases for the bouquets to be displayed at the head table, and a few other random projects. DIY certainly took a lot of time, but a lot of the effects were very nice as well! For those of you who have been married, what did you DIY at your wedding (if anything) or wish you had done? How did Pinterest affect your wedding planning?

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