Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thanks For Tonight

thank you for tonight

After spending the past year in Sweden, one of my favorite sayings/customs that I have picked up and enjoy is actually a Swedish phrase, "Tack för ikvall" which translated directly into English means "Thanks for tonight". Swedes will say this after an evening with friends or family as they are departing, and I think it is such a nice way to really say "thanks for tonight".

In the US, we might say "thanks for dinner", or "thanks for the drinks", but we don't really say "thank you for your company."

For example, last night, I went to a boxing class with a friend and then to a little bit of happy hour. She had invited me to try out the gym that she boxes at, and arranged for me to take a free class with her. Afterwards, we just decided to grab a drink and some food together. At the end of the evening, it would be a lot to say "Thanks for bringing me to the class, for going to happy hour with me, and for your company." Simply saying "thanks for tonight" seems to really encompass the entire evening, and include not only the activity that you did but also just says "thanks for your presence in my life."

The same goes for this evening. Nick and I have plans to go over to dinner at one of our friend's houses, and hang out with the family there. They are not only cooking dinner for us, but likely also providing drinks, opening their home to us, and giving us their time and attention. At the end of the evening, "thanks for dinner" just won't be quite enough. This is another situation where saying "thanks for tonight" will seem just perfect.

To my readers, are there are any other sayings/phrases like this from other cultures or languages you enjoy?


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