Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Minneapolis Bachelorette Party

I can finally say that I leave for my honeymoon tomorrow! I have never (and probably will never) be this excited for a super-long flight again. Over the next few weeks, I have several posts scheduled here, and will hopefully be able to post some pictures as well from Thailand as a little preview! Mostly, I will be using my Instagram account, so be sure to follow me here for all our honeymoon updates. As I get ready for my honeymoon, I figured I would post about another fun part of the wedding process- my bachelorette party!

When Nick and I figured out we were moving to Sweden for the hockey season, it threw wedding planning into full gear. Instead of having two and a half months to finish planning everything, I all of a sudden had about four weeks. And of course, one of the items on my mind that I hadn't even really thought of was my bachelorette party.

Minneapolis bachelorette party
My MOH Julie and I before our night on the town!
Thankfully, I had a wonderful maid of honor who took on the full, 100% task of planning the party, coordinating who was coming, inviting everyone, and doing everything for it…without telling me a thing. For me, it was so nice to be able to completely pass the reins on, and trust that it would be a great time. All I was told about the party was what time to be ready, and what I would want to wear!

To start the day out, Julie had everyone meet at Nick and I's condo downtown (convenient location for most people) Once we had all assembled, we headed outside and hopped in a limo to take us around the city!
Minneapolis bachelorette party limo ride
In the limo headed to the daytime activities!
Minneapolis bachelorette party limo
All of the girls before the day's festivities
After riding in the limo for a little bit, we made our first stop of the day at a local brewery- and this is where I finally found out our plans for the day! We were going to go to several different breweries for tours and some drinking- which, for those who know me well, know that I enjoy beer and trying new ones out! 

bachelorette party brewery tour
Beer flight at our first stop
bachelorette party brewery tour
During the beer tour
Minneapolis bachelorette party brewery tour
the first (well ok, second- but first official!) beer of the day!
During the day, if memory serves me correctly, we stopped at 612 brewery, Dangerous Man, and Fulton. At each of the stops we had time for a couple beers and to check out the brewing process! It was interesting to learn about the different beers the companies provided, and of course to taste them at the end. I had a great group of my high school and college girlfriends with, and had even gotten my Mom and future mother-in-law to come with! After the brewery tour, we headed back to the condo to change and get ready for a night on the town.

Mom and bride at bachelorette party
My Mom and I before heading out for the night!

minneapolis bachelorette party
Catching a glass of wine before dinner for the night!
After a quick stop to change clothes, we headed to a little wine bar by my place before dinner for the evening. We had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Minneapolis, Sanctuary. After dinner, it was time to head out for the evening!

Minneapolis bachelorette party at Aqua
poppin' bottles at the party!
Nick and the guys had gone paint balling during the day, then to a separate restaurant for dinner and drinks. We met them at the club, Aqua, for the night at about 11 PM with bottle service. We had reserved the upper balcony, and had the entire area- plus private bathroom- to our group. We had so many of our friends and family members join, and it was great to see and celebrate with everyone! The bachelor/bachelorette parties were really one of our last chances to see everybody before we took off for Sweden, so it was great to see all of our friends at once. We certainly didn't do our bachelor/ette parties in the most traditional way, but it was perfect for us. If any of you are reading this, thanks so much for being there for us! For my readers, what has been most memorable to you at bachelor/ette parties?


  1. I think the definition of a great party is one where all of your friends are gathered together, and making the best out of the day. And your party certainly fell under that category! It’s quite evident that all of you enjoyed each other’s company. That moment is definitely worth keeping in your memories. Thanks for sharing!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limo of Indy

    1. Evan, I definitely agree that the definition of a great party is when your friends are gathered together enjoying each others company. Thus, why my bachelorette was such a success! Thanks for commenting!

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