Monday, April 7, 2014

Search Keywords… Crazy Things!

One of my favorite past-times (as of late, anyways) has been checking what search keywords bring people to my blog. A lot of them are pretty standard:

hockey wife (clearly, someone meaning to type my blog into the search bar)
life of a hockey wife
Samantha Angell
Nick Angell

And pretty much any variation of hockey, wife, life, myself, and Nick. After that, there are a couple of my other posts that generate some hits. These ones are usually my berry pie recipe, pictures of Lily sleeping, and even some of my travels- Paris and Oktoberfest being the big ones.

However, last night I was checking out my traffic sources stats and saw one that concerned me: "is Elfie in kitty heaven?" There were not one, not two, not even three…but SIX clicks on this!

….I posted a few months ago about my kitty Elfie, and how much Nick and I love her and couldn't wait to get back to Minnesota to see her and LilyMonster. I even stated where she was staying (with my brother while we were gone).

Wow, was this ever a weird keyword to lead someone to my site! Now, I am fully aware that some strange keywords will lead people to your site. I'm sure all of the bloggers out there are fully aware of this. I've had a lot of strange keywords bring someone to my site. But inquiring about the status of my kitty's life? That was not one I ever expected!

So, in case someone out there was actually wondering… Elfie is still alive and kicking, and will be for a long time!

Fellow bloggers, what is the strangest keyword you have ever had someone stumble upon your blog for? Any other minor panic-attacks brought on by these keyword entries?


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