Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Season In Pictures

Well, one hockey season abroad is over and in the books! As Nick and I are now relaxing on our honeymoon, I think now is a good time to look back on the year, and I will do so today by choosing my favorite picture from each month while in Sweden (or traveling!)

Nick Angell wife
my favorite engagement picture!
August is when Nick and I were able to have our engagement pictures taken! Micke MÃ¥nsson did such a fabulous job with them, and was able to edit and return them to us within a week. This is probably my favorite picture of the entire bunch! August was a busy month for both Nick and I. We moved, got settled, shopped for new things we needed, and both him and I started hockey. We didn't do too much traveling- just some trips around Southern Sweden- but had plenty of time to get settled. For me, it was a lot of wedding planning during the month as well, preparing to head home for the big day!

year in pictures: Oktoberfest in Munich
visiting Oktoberfest in Munich
September was a very busy month for us! The regular season started, and of course we also got married in September! We got married on the 14th, and headed right back to Sweden on the 15th. After that, I had a few weeks to enjoy married life before heading to Munich for Oktoberfest with my brother and two of our friends. Oktoberfest was an amazing time, and I can't wait to return! My brother, our friends, and myself traveled to Prague before heading back to Sweden and catching a few of Nick's games. 

at the club in Stockholm
October started out quickly, with our first visitors to Sweden. After they had left, Nick and I visited Stockholm for my first time. We toured throughout the city, and on Saturday evening were able to go out (for the first time as a married couple!) We had such a great time exploring Stockholm together! The end of October slowed down, with Nick having a wisdom tooth removed and then a quiet night at home for his birthday. 

celebrating Thanksgiving in Sweden
Thanksgiving in Sweden!
My favorite picture from November comes from our Thanksgiving celebration. We had friends from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada, and the US celebrating with us, and it was an absolute blast! The food was delicious, and it was so nice to be able to celebrate with our friends. We had a couple of our friends visit in November for Thanksgiving, so we were grateful to have both old and new friends with us.

year in pictures Eiffel Tower
from our visit to Paris!
December was another busy month for us. We started the month of by visiting Bubbetorp, a Christmas Market near Karlskrona. One of Nick's favorite things about having spent so much time in Europe is visiting the Christmas Markets. Then, just a few weeks later we were off to Copenhagen and Paris for our Christmas trip. In Copenhagen, we spent time at Tivoli Christmas Market and had a quiet night before heading to Paris early the next morning. It was so nice to stroll around Paris as a couple and enjoy everything the city has to offer! After Paris, we came home for a quiet Christmas before Nick headed back to practice and I headed to the USA to surprise my family for a quick weekend. I made it back to Copenhagen just in time to celebrate New Years Eve with Nick and some friends in Copenhagen, and that was such a wonderful experience- I look forward to Euro NYE's to come!

hanging out in the Gamla Stan in Stockholm
January started off very quickly, with my family visiting us for the first two weeks. My Mom and younger brother had never been to Sweden before, and my Dad only really for work, so it was nice to show them around Nick and I's new home country. They also got to watch a few of his games, both at home and away. After they left, I was busy starting my MBA and working hard on that- as well as hibernating, as winter finally seemed to have started in Sweden!

my family and the KHK fans
February was a pretty quiet month for us, as I was busy studying and Nick was working hard wrapping up the regular season- thus, why February's picture is one from the previous month when my family visited!

Nick's Selfie

March was another busy month! KHK made playoff till Kvalserien, so of course we were busy with that. Towards the middle of the month we could really feel the nice spring starting to shine through. Then of course, the boys didn't quite make Kvalserien, so Nick and I packed our bags and headed back to Minnesota! 

So there we have it, with a season in pictures of each of my favorite pictures from the month. Of course, there are so many other pictures and times I thought of and wanted to include- but I have already posted about many of those memories, so this was just a nice way to recap everything month by month! 

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