Monday, April 14, 2014

My Worldwide Favorite Restaurant: Lo Zodiaco in Rome

Lo Zodiaco restaurant review
The view from Lo Zodiaco

Several years ago, Nick and I made a trip to Rome and found perhaps my favorite restaurant in the world, Ristorante Lo Zodiaco. This restaurant had delicious food, great service, and even better views of the city. It was the perfect place to spend a night out on the town, overlooking the city, and enjoying the company of each other. Lo Zodiaco is situated just outside of the main city, and gives you great views over the city (as you can see from above!)

After having spent the past eight years working in restaurants, and my dreams of owning one, restaurants are a passion of mine. I love finding new spots that really hit high standards, and Lo Zodiaco is just that. They impressed me in every way, and I have recommended them to anybody I know that is going to Rome.

Caprese Salad at Lo Zodiaco
The Caprese Salad at Lo Zodiaco
 We started dinner out with a specialty aperitif that our waiter suggested. Nick loved his (and enjoyed mine as well!). I typically don't drink liquor, so while the aperitif was good it wasn't quite my style. Instead, I chose to order a bottle of wine and stick to that! The caprese salad had a very unique presentation, with the tomato slices and mozzarella stacked upon each other.

Lo Zodiaco Rome Restaurant
Our dinner at Lo Zodiaco
Nick and I ordered the special for the evening, which was a two-person deal. Each of us had half of a fresh lobster served with spaghetti in a lobster marinara sauce, and in one word this meal was abso-freaking-lutely-amazing (yes, that may be a couple of words, but it was that good!) The portion sizes were very generous, and both Nick and I stuffed ourselves until there wasn't a bite left on either of our plates. 

Our experience at Lo Zodiaco was so wonderful that we returned for dinner once more before we left Rome. While the special for the evening had changed, they were willing to accommodate us to the best of their ability, and created a similar meal to the one we had the first night. This was certainly above and beyond what I would expect of any restaurant, and they did not disappoint. 

For any of my readers, have you ever had an amazing experience at a restaurant such as this that you recommend to everyone? I would love to hear your experiences and recommendations! 

Lo Zodiaco Rome Views

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