Friday, April 18, 2014

That Time We Went to Lambeau Field

trip to Lambeau Vikings versus Packers
driving up to the stadium!
When Nick and I were still just dating, he quickly learned how much my Mom and I love the Vikings. She has had season tickets for years now, watches every game, and owns just about every Vikings thing imaginable. Seriously. Sometime this spring I was walking with her through a store and saw a Vikings cutting board, and said "hey maybe I should get you that, it could be the only Vikings item you don't have!" …. or so I thought. Turns out, she had a set.

Nick found out that we had never been to Lambeau Field, and so a trip was planned for him, myself, and my parents to head to the Vikings vs. Packers game at Lambeau Field in December 2012. Lambeau really was the experience of a lifetime, and each of us had an absolute blast at the game. As a football fan in general, I can really appreciate the history behind Lambeau Field- plus, outdoor football is awesome! I am so excited that for the next two years the Vikings will be playing at TCF Bank Stadium outdoors. Without further ado, here are some pictures from our trip to Lambeau!

Nick Angell at Lambeau Field
Nick and I before tailgating!
tailgating at Lambeau Field
Some of the Packers fans shared their "shot syringes" with us!

syringe shots tailgating
Well, my Mom and I enjoyed that much more than Nick and my Dad!

tailgating at Lambeau Field
My Mom enjoying tailgating- and wearing the belt! 
Vikings fans at Lambeau Field
Nick, myself, my Dad, and my Mom!
Going to the Vikings vs. Packers game was such a great time. We all had a blast, and I know Nick and I can't wait until we can go again! My Mom and Dad were lucky enough to return this year with a couple of friends. The atmosphere at Lambeau was a great experience- as was the tailgating! The Packers fans weren't even as bad as I was expecting, and welcomed us to their tailgate with open arms. My first trip to Lambeau was definitely an experience I won't forget!

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