Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our First Home Shopping Experience

first experience home shopping
The very first properties Nick and I looked at while home shopping!
A few weeks ago, Nick and I had an open Sunday afternoon and decided to go check out a couple of new homes and do some house shopping- just to see whats out there. It was a very good learning experience for both of us. We headed to a new development in Chaska, Minnesota and checked out a couple of model homes before heading to a previously owned home in Eden Prairie. The first house we stopped at was a D. R. Horton home, the portico model (complete with a finished basement!) We both thought the house was alright, but definitely not perfect for us. My favorite part, of course, was the gorgeous bar in the basement. Check out the pictures I took!

Seriously, how could you not love this bar area?

cool wine cork holder decoration
Very cool wine cork decoration!
far-out view of the gorgeous bar area.
 In short, I was completely in love with the bar area. It would be perfect for having friends, family, and guests over. After home shopping here, I definitely decided that having a nice bar area is an absolute must once we buy our first home-home (meaning bigger than our condo).

The next house we looked at was built by Robert Thomas homes. To be honest, neither Nick or I was in love with it- especially since it was more expensive than the first house, smaller square footage, and didn't have a finished basement. The lady was attempting to sell us on the 8-foot doorways matched with 11-foot ceilings (apparently, thats all the rage right now)…but we weren't quite buying it. The house was nice, and had some better features than the first house…but didn't seem quite worth it!

After checking those two houses out, we had just enough time to head to a showing of a previously owned home in Eden Prairie. I won't even talk about that really, because neither of us liked it- at all!

Nick and I both learned a lot from our first experience home shopping together. We realized that we will more than likely have to build our own home, just because of how picky we both are and what we want. While this may not be the cheapest way to buy a home, it will be better for both of us because eventually the home we buy we want to stay in for a long time. However, neither of us are quite ready for that yet, but someday… Suburbia, here we come (in a couple years!)

Have you ever gone home shopping? What was your experience and learning take-aways?

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