Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Home for the (pre) Holidays

I am back in Sweden after a quick trip to Minnesota for a week to spend with family and friends before the holidays! I won't lie, I am feeling the abundance of travel lately- so keep reminding myself of tips to avoid jet lag! I will be back in Sweden for just over a week before Nick and I head to Berlin to celebrate the Christmas holiday. So, today is a quick overview of my time spent at home!

english bulldog dressed up for Christmas
Lily bulldog
Upon arriving in Minnesota, my parents picked me up from the airport and we headed to our condo. My mother-in-law was there with Lily, Nick and I's English bulldog! The first couple days back in Minnesota were spent relaxing with my family and friends-- along with plenty of shopping!

12 Bars of Christmas with my brothers
On Friday evening, I attended the 12 Bars of Christmas with several friends and my brothers. A Christmas-themed bar crawl…what could be better?!

english bulldog for Christmas
Lily bulldog all dressed up
English bulldog for Christmas
Lily and I's Christmas picture
While Nick and I are away, one of the things-or people- we miss the most is Lily, our English bulldog. I was lucky enough to spend tons of time with her! I don't think she was too thrilled about being dressed up on several occasions- but she lived through it (unhappily!).

how to make lefse
Making lefse with my family
On Saturday morning, I headed out to my parents house for a family Christmas celebration. My family from all over made the trip to come see me and celebrate the holidays a little bit early. One of our family traditions is to make lefse, and this is something that I greatly miss over here in Sweden at the Christmas holidays. Luckily, we made enough so I could bring some home to Sweden for Nick and I!

Minnesota Vikings game
My last day at home was spent going to the Minnesota Vikings game with my family and friends. It was a perfect day for the game- cool weather, but not too windy! The Vikings were even able to pull off a win for us. I already can't wait to try make another game next year!

My time at home was certainly a whirlwind, but I am so happy for all of the time that I was able to spend visiting with family and friends. To each of you who made the trip so special, thank you!

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