Sunday, December 21, 2014

What's In My Bag: Travel Edition

what's in my bag travel edition

Today, Nick and I are off to Berlin to celebrate a few days off and the Christmas holiday! We have a relatively easy flight, direct from Stockholm to Berlin. Nonetheless, whenever traveling it is important to make sure you have correctly packed items in your bag for the trip! Here, we will take a quick look at the items in my bag for the trip.

Firstly, my go-to travel bag is my Prada medium-size bag. In addition to being a gorgeous bag, it has both handles and a shoulder strap, which is hugely helpful when navigating the airport. Hands-free (or shoulder-free) bags are the best to wear when traveling.

what's in my bag for travel

In no particular order, here are my go-to travel items for any short trip:
  • Passport: Although I'll be traveling within the EU and should not need my passport, it is always a good idea to carry this with you when abroad. 
  • Wallet with Delta American Express and Euros: My wallet carries all of my cards, but especially my American Express and for this trip, euros. I use my Amex for almost everything, and between flights and spending on it have received almost 70,000 miles this year alone- great for future travels! Germany is largely a cash country, so I took the time to go to the bank and have Euros, the local currency. Any time you are headed to a new country, try make your life a little easier and arrive with at least some local currency to get you through your day until you can find a conveniently located ATM.
  • iPad: For entertainment, pictures, and a larger surface to work on any blogging or homework I may have.
  • Getting to Yes: This is the book I am currently reading for my MBA class. My classes will still be going on while I am on this trip, so I am going to try and get as much work done on the plane as possible so I can enjoy more of Berlin.
  • Make-up Bag & Comb: I always carry my make-up bag with me on the plane so I can do quick retouches as we land. This way, the second the plane touches down I am ready to go and explore my new destination! A comb is great as well to quickly run through your hair, leaving you fresh. 
  • Zantac, ibuprofen, Emergen-C, & Salonpas: This is my little on-the-go medical kit. When traveling, it is nice to have the medications you require for quick relief. Emergen-C can help keep you healthy and avoid sickness while traveling, and Salonpas are great for relieving sore and tired muscles. 
  • Lotion & Blistex Chapstick: The air on planes can be quite dry, so having a couple of moisturizing products is hugely helpful to keep you ready to go as soon as you land. 
  • Powerbank: I purchased a power bank for my iPhone this past summer, and rarely leave home without it now. It is so nice to have that boost of power whenever you may need it, especially while traveling and wanting to document your adventures. 
  • Pen: This is great for any thoughts I may have while traveling. I keep post-it notes in my wallet, and while they may not be the biggest, they are great to write down quick ideas and stick wherever I will see them! 
  • Tide To Go: Pretty much explains itself, but on the go with no access to laundry facilities, tide to go can be a real lifesaver in a pinch!
Those are all of my go-to travel necessities for short, quick trips. Of course, on a longer trip packing will be significantly different- check out my list of carry-on items for a long flight here. What are your most important items to bring with on flights when traveling?


  1. and I love your ipad cover,haha! it was so chic - gosh, I have tons of stuff on my bag it might explode lol

    1. Thanks, Aisha! My husband actually bought that a few years ago. I carry a lot in my bag as well, which is why I have to have a good-sized purse!

  2. Great list! Power bank is essential these days especially if you live in a big city :)

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest.

    1. So essential! I always carry it with me. Thanks for the visit & comment, Maureen!

  3. Those are must-have during travel. I love your bag! Happy Holidays and enjoy your vacay!

  4. Beautiful bag! Lip balm and lotion are musts :)

    1. Thanks Ashley! The bag was my anniversary gift- I absolutely LOVE it!

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